Monday, August 28, 2006

Buckwheat? O-Tay by Me!

Today's lunch is probably my most favorite thing to eat in the world, a cold Soba Noodle Salad. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, you can get 'em made with a mixture of buckwheat and wheat, but I wholeheartedly prefer a pure buckwheat version. I get mine from here (the ones pictured are not from there, however, and you can expect the others to be darker in color). I think I found this idea in a Vegetarian Times Magazine a while back before I became vegan. Lucky for me, many of their recipes (like this one!) are totally vegan anyway. This is what it looks like when I serve it to other people:
The ingredients are:
1/2 c. soba noodles, cooked, then run under cold water so that they are cool
cukes, sliced
carrot, shredded
green onion, chopped
soy beans
2 Tbs your favorite ginger dressing

the only things I ever measure are the noodles and the dressing. you really don't need more than the above amounts, and I promise that the soba noodles are quite filling! the rest of the ingredients, as they're veggies and soy beans, i just eyeball to my liking.
if i'm eating this meal all by my lonesome, you can be that it tends to look more like this:
So yummy!
I tend to only use two bottled dressings ever and only occasionally. I'm a big fan of making my own, but sometimes the convenience just wins out. Here, I used
Mikoto's Ginger Dressing. (the other bottled dressing I'll sometimes 'cheat' with is Annie's Naturals Shitake & Sesame Vinaigrette but not for this recipe).

Back to the buckwheat love! Before buying Rebecca Wood's the New Whole Foods Encyclopedia (because i'm not just a cookbook junkie but one in love with all good books about food!) I never even thought to use Soba Noodles. After reading what she had to say, I'm glad I finally did!

(from the NWFE):

'Of all the grains, buckwheat has the longest transit timein the gut and therefore is the most filling and stabilizing for blood sugar. Since it is a glutenfree, noncereal grain, many people with food allergies rely upon buckwheat. It's a good bloodbuilding food, as it neutralizes toxic acidic wastes. ..The most outstanding nutritional characteristic of buckwheat is the high proportion in it of all eight essential amino acids, especially lysine, which, at 6.1%, is greater in proportion in buchweat than in any of the cereal grains. In addition, buckwheat has up to 100 percent more calcium than other grains, is rich in vitamin E, and contains almost the entire range of B-complex vitamins.'

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Anonymous said...

Nothing says "I have too much free time on my hands" than starting a blog about the food you're eating. Kidding of course. In any case, very cool idea and it's making me very hungry as I sit here at work wishing I was at home eating.