Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remember Me? How 'bout some Mock Crab Cakes?

Ok, so it's not much of a segway from my last post ions ago to this one, but it's pretty much how I feel these days, longing to cook something fun and blog about it but totally too frantic to get anything done that is blogworthy.

While I wish I could say that these babies were made with the amazing okara that came from a yummy batch of soy milk from my swanky new Soya Bella, I can only say that they were pretty great with just run of the mill store-bought tofu (and I've yet to make anything particularly 'yummy' with my Soya Bella...yet!). These are basically carrot, onion, celery, parsley, Vegannaise, bread crumbs, tofu, kelp powder, and Old Bay seasoning, coated with panko, fried, then baked for about fifteen minutes. I topped 'em with a very unoriginal blend of Vegannaise, organic ketchup and some horseradish which really made them sing. Served 'em up with a side of broiled nutritional yeasty (i cannot ever bring myself to say 'nooch-' anything) cauliflower and grape tomatoes and feasted on a fine vegan dinner. I think the only change I'd make next time is to use more of a binder like flax meal and water to help them to stick together and not be so delicate.

Not too shabby for a gal with a seven month old, six felines, one really bad but totally lovable 85 lbs of yellow lab silliness to corral and a bum neck. (yep, this post was inspired by me in a cervical collar all hopped up on steroids and muscle relaxers. good times.) luckily, the felines are adjusting pretty nicely to their new space so they don't cause much trouble,the dog is happy to mope in the kitchen just waiting for crumbs...and the seven month old? you just put her jumparoo wherever you need to get something done and viola! you have about thirty minutes of total baby euphoria. go!we're totally loving it living at home in a fairy tale neighborhood, a house that feels made just for us, and in a town we have always been in love with. we're surrounded by friends, family, and a like-minded community full of fun stuff to do. now, if i could just get the mounds of belongings from out of the garage into our living space i might know where half of my kitchen stuff is....but who has time what with all this fun we're having!

thanks for all your comments all of the time. I can't say that i'll be back regularly just yet, but i'm certainly making my way!