Friday, March 16, 2007

Orange You Glad....

you can make this stuff at home?! I'd been thinking for some time about a recipe I'd seen on Chris and Darlene's Eat Air blog for Tangerine Seitan. Last night I finally whipped it up, using orange instead of the tangerine for some seriously Crispy Orange Seitan with Broccoli. Wow! This stuff is incredible! I already cannot wait to make it again! It comes together quite easily (I opted to use La Dolce Vegan's beef style seitan recipe) and I didn't have a problem with the crispiness of the seitan likely because I used a bit more peanut oil in the cooking of the seitan and let it get rather crispy before removing it. I also used an extra teaspoon of agave in the sauce to suit our tastes. My method was to cook the broccoli, remove it, cook the seitan, remove it, make the sauce and then dump it all over the veggie/seitan combo and serve with some brown rice. Great stuff! This satisfied a Chinese food craving I didn't even know I was having! Thanks, you guys for sharing such a tasty recipe!

Next up, a sinful treat at our house this past week....Linguine with olive oil and garlic. I say sinful because it's a rare event that we'll consume any pasta whatsoever much less a non-whole wheat variety. But, at our latest trip to the grocery store, the Cap'n gave me those eyes when asking if we could puuuulllleeeeease do the garlic and oil thing with 'real' pasta. ha! my Italian momma would be so proud. I caved and boy, was it decadently good! I topped mine with Parma! (and don't think we were all bad, this was served with my beloved vegan Caesar complete with sundried tomatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and roasted port. mushrooms).

Not stopping there, the leftover non whole wheat pasta had to be consumed somehow. There was only about a 1/2 c. of it leftover and I was dining alone that night. Using leftover roasted Portobellos and sauteing some spinach turned into this delight
with a touch of vegan organic Smart Balance and lots of nutritional yeast and fresh black pepper. Leftovers can prove to be sometimes even tastier than their original incarnations!

and what week at DGMGV's house would be complete without a lunch of Amy's non-dairy bean burrito? none that I'm aware of. here's this week's with Tofutti, Zapata's roasted salsa verde, a bit of fresh cilantro, and some sweet grape tomatoes.I'm telling ya, this is my FAVORITE vegan 'fast food'.


MeloMeals said...

That seitan looks delicious..

scottishvegan said...

The orange seitan sounds great! And the leftover pasta looks delicious with the portabellos and spinach...yummy! I only buy whole wheat pasta now too and I definitely prefer it. I think regular stuff tastes kind of bland now...

laura k said...

If you're going to splurge with non-whole wheat pasta, you sure did it right!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the white pasta thing. Marty bought some and we've been eating it and I must admit, it's pretty tasty.

That orange seitan looks and sounds delicious. I always loved orange chicken. I just tried the baked seitan Jess of Get Sconed blogged about and I think i just might turn it into orange seitan. Yum!

urban vegan said...

I only ever get seitan dishes like this one out at Asian vegan places...I should try it. It looks so tasty.

I am the opposite of you--since I live with an Italian, I usually eat non-whole wheat pasta, although I like both. One thing I hate, tho', is Barilla's multi-grain pasta...It tastes like cooked cardboard.

Candi said...

Oh, the seitan looks so good, and I've saved the recipe that you linked to. :) I usually make VwaV seitan, but do you recommend La Dolce Vegan's version? Have you tried both? Sometimes my VwaV setian is great, other times it's mushy. :( I want to try this orange seitan dish though!

Mmm, I like your pasta splurge!! And the leftovers look even better!! pasta with nutritional yeast is the best! have you gotten through that huge container of NY yet? :P

I like how you've decorated your "fast food" with fresh veggies and spices!! Looks so good!

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

melody- it was amazing. i can't reccommend that recipe enough times! i'm so glad they shared it!

scottishvegan- i love accidental leftover dishes. they always turn out so tasty! as an Italian, I grew up on white pasta and it's still such a decadent treat for me.

laura- oh yeah, garlic and olive oil is our favorite way to do it. it never quite translates with whole wheat, which I love for it's own properties....just not in that dish. :)

vivacious vegan- glad to see we're not the only ones indugling our naughty pasta love. hehe.
that recipe is killer. you should totally try it. been meaning to try out jess's seitan. everyone is having such great things to say about it and it sounds wonderful!

urban vegan- try it! you'll love it, i'm sure! funny, i come from a looong line of italians so i totally understand.
and you're totally on about Barilla. i've had generic brands that tasted better! tho my favorite is Rustichella d'Abruzzo. YUM!

Candi- it is seriously good. I love VWaV's seitan, but just think that LDV's version is so quick to throw together and just as good in it's own right. I only make VWaV's recipes with the seitan from the same book and tend to use LDV for anything else i come across. can't really tell ya why, just seems to be the case. ;)
i tell ya, i eat entirely too many of those Amy's Burritos. their such a great lazy meal!

Amey said...

Oh, I Love the "I didn't know you could make this at home!" feeling - isn't it wonderful!? Your enthusiasm will definitely get me to try that recipe.

Also, I know what you mean about the garlic and olive oil on non-whole wheat pasta ... it feels so indulgent, and it tastes SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Wow! im drooling, especially with the seitan.