Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pan Seared Oatmeal Success!

So, I did it....I tried to replicate the amazing breakfast I recently blogged of (sans picture) from Gainesville's 43rd Street Deli. This? Was the best breakfast I've ever made at home, and I highly recommend it! First, I made the oatmeal as instructed on the tin. It's important that you make it with steel cut oats and not the rolled or instant varieties.

When just about done (yeah, it takes forever, but is so worth it in the get up early! ;) I added a bit of soy milk and some organic maple syrup. Then I allowed it sit off heat for another ten to fifteen minutes to help stiffen it up a bit.

Next, I melted some
Organic Earth Balance in a pan, then dumped in about a half cup of the oatmeal. In order to try and keep it in a cake, I used a spatula to continually push in the sides a bit. (I swear they use one of those sandwich grillers as theirs is served as two thick, identical triangles of oatmeal).

After the cake got fairly firm on the bottom i flipped it. This was not entirely successful, but worked well enough. (I have a feeling that tomorrow, after the leftover oatmeal has been refrigerated all night, it will prove much stiffer and be easier to pan sear).

Once the other side was lightly browned as well I plated it over some Gia Russa Balsamic Glaze, then topped it with crushed walnuts, dried cranberries, raisins, and fresh banana. Honestly? I cannot WAIT to have breakfast tomorrow!
Have sleepover guests? Rise a little early and surprise them with this morning treat!


Melissa said...

That looks absolutely delicious. I must try that over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

yum! this looks very interesting :)

madeinalaska said...

ha ha I was skimming your post and though I read hangover guest.. instead of sleepover guest.. It looks like a fine breakfast either way huh?

scottishvegan said...

I love the idea of this and it looks so pretty with the fruit on top.

Sheree' said...

looks fabulous! I love steel cut oats. Way to go! What time is breakfast tomorrow?

bazu said...

That looks amazing and a refreshing change of pace for oatmeal! I'm just a little weary of the balsamic glaze- is it sweet, or really vinegary? I really want to try this!

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

melissa- yes, you must ;)

johanna3- i honestly wouldn't have ordered it had my friend not told me how amazing it was. she was sooo right!

madeinalaska- typically, overnight guests at our place ARE hangover guests...right, melissa? hehe

scottisvegan- thx, it's a wonderful combination

veg-a-nut- ah, that i could feed everyone, nothing would make me happier.

bazu- i love the glaze. it's slightly sweet and slightly vinegary. i never would have thought to use it in this way but the flavor is truly perfect.

Aurelie said...

Am I correct when I believe that you put balsamic vinegar/oil on your oatmeal, or did I just misunderstand?

Amey said...

That looks SOOOOOO good!
i love a nice hearty oatmeal. with the nuts and fruits... ahh.

laura k said...

Oh wowie wow! That sounds delicious! I so love oatmeal.... I'll be trying this one for sure!

Anonymous said...


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