Monday, May 28, 2007

A Wedding Story

the second wedding we attended this year was the Captain's sister's. the most amazing part, aside from the union of two beautiful people who truly love one another, was that i got to marry them!!! i got ordained via the Universal Life Church and now am a card-carrying clergywoman. the writing of their ceremony and being the one to officiate their desire to be wed was the most rewarding thing I've ever done, truly.

the day of the wedding, i wrote the ceremony in my little journal here, on the upper deck, with the breeze blowing off the ocean, the sun warming my skin, and a little jack johnson on my ipod, making all right in my little piece of the world. we rented this house for a week, and it was so great to share it with family and friends. the owners are wonderful, generous people (actually, the wife turned out to be my husband and his sister's teacher from kindergarden!), and we're already saving up to find time to go back for a getaway.
Being the officiant and unofficial weddingcoordinator, i snapped very few photos which is sad because 1) it was an amazing wedding from beginning to end and 2) all the vegan fare i provided was gobbled up way before the 150+ guests made a dent in the catered food! Guess VWaV's edamame samosas aren't just my favorite! I also watched the 2 qts of salsa be devoured, a quadruple batch of dill tempeh pate from the Native Foods cookbook and VCTOTW's margarita cupcakes were incredibly yummy (and with a wedding on cinco de mayo, festive to boot!).

Sadly, i have nary a picture of any of the spread or the guests enjoying it, but i do have the usual pics you can count on me for while at the beach....

our view
the usual shots of the ocean, i tell ya, i'm totally obsessed with taking pictures of the way the light hits the water as it comes rolling in....or 'n the cap'n taking in the beach and the treasured time we got to spend together.we made friends with some of the local wildife. if only i could've gotten a clear pic of the squirrels that spent the day hangin out on the decks. they were hilarious, and our niece was totally enthralled by them.'m a sucker for pics of the wildflowers near the coast. so beautiful. i framed this one as a gift for the bride's mom, aunt, and grandmother, a token from the amazing weekend she was married.and the cap'n and our niece, this is my favorite picture from the trip. i've already had it printed and framed so I can see it every day.this trip is not without some food pics for ya, tho. we did host a family bday party the night after the the bride is allergic to wheat, we enjoyed lemon/artichoke pesto on shredded zucchini with sundried tomatoes and hempseed. ( i love this, and i know you've seen it multiple times on this blog before hehe)the ppk's walnut lentil dip with lots of extra garlic for a little zing and some lime juice. this was a hit with the fam. they really dug it.and my beloved soba noodle salad from Veg., nothing new or exciting in the way of foods, but it was a beautiful week i just had to share with you. once the wedding photographer gets all the photos to the bride, i plan to make a web page with the ceremony and pictures to tell the story and will link to it here for anyone who is interested.

next up, our San Fran trip and what I've been cookin up at home lately.
hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday weekend!


scottishvegan said...

The wedding sounds lovely. The house you were staying in looks gorgeous! And what a great view! Looking forward to seeing more photos of the wedding!

laura k said...

Wow, you have really been on the go and seeing some beautiful things! It's too bad that you didn't get to take more pictures at the wedding... it sounds lovely.

bazu said...

What a lovely story... I have a soft place in my heart for the Universal Life Church, since our friend got ordained on-line by them and married us at our wedding! The photos are fantastic.