Monday, August 06, 2007

Sushi, Take Two

As the title of this post suggests, I've only made our own sushi at home once before. Here's the second attmpt. I still need to rock the patience a bit, and I am dying to finish up the brown sushi rice I bought because I'm convinced it's the culprit for my less than stellar rice in the rolls, but it tastes good!

This is just a quick veggie roll with cuke, carrot, and avocado, some freshly made wasabi, and a side of Sizzling Tofu.

Sizzling Tofu is really just extra firm tofu pressed well, cubed, and then sauteed in a bit of peanut oil til lightly browned. A teryaki type sauce made from soy sauce, mirin, and sugar is sprinkled on to further brown, the heat is upped, nutritional yeast is generously added, and the rest of the sauce is added and sauteed to coat, sizzling all the while, hence the name! ;)

Here's a shot that shows off the tofu a bit more,
but I reeeally need a little tripod. I hate the flash pics and I'm just not steady enough to get good ones without it.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Lovely looking sushi! I'm making some tomorrow night, I'm trying to staedy my hands already! I have been curious about using brown rice, but definitely think that the white stuff is easier to work with. Very cute sushi plates by the way!

Rose said...

I love sushi, and yours looks so good, is it hard to make?

Jul said...

The deliciousness comes through even without the tripod. Yum! :)

Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

These look wonderful! I am too impatient for sushi making. I tried it once and while it was great it was a lot of work. I am a fan of summer rolls . . . not as stressful to make.

Anonymous said...

Your sushi looks great! I am impressed--this was only your second time making it?! Well done!


Judy said...

I always thought that making sushi at home was some big ordeal, but lately I have seen lots of blogs saying otherwise. One of these days, I will try making it.

Beth said...

I've been trying to get a good recipe for tofu... it's never as good as royal thai... are my standards too high?

Christina said...

I've never seen brown sushi it possible you are using brown sticky rice/brown sweet rice? Brown sticky/sweet rice and black sticky/sweet rice are more glutinous than their non sticky cousins, but they're completely different from white sticky rice (sushi rice). In my experience, they get almost mucilaginous, and make a huge mess when you try to use them for sushi.

When I make sushi, I use plain short grain brown rice or Golden Rose brown rice which is a short grain/medium grain hybrid. I wash the rice, then soak it for about 8 hours or overnight before cooking it. I usually pressure cook the rice for 45-50 minutes in ratio of about 1:1 3/4 rice to water, although you can boil it 1:2.

I even use regular leftover brown rice for hand rolls like these: 05/quick-and-simple-handroll-tutorial.html