Friday, March 07, 2008

The Lazy Vegan

That's me these days. Even with my camera battery charged (yay!) I am just not so inspired to spend too much time in the kitchen. I waited for the 'surge of energy' to hit me in the second trimester, but it never did. Now I'm in the third and MAN! am I tired! not to mention that my hands have been so darn achey lately.

I take that back....some days I actually wake up with what I think is energy and whip together a breakfast such as this one, Susan's Crustless Quiches (my favorite variation to date is onion and broccoli), some easy basic biscuits a la La Dolce Vegan (all those years of trying to make biscuits and failing not realizing that the drop method into muffin tins is the ONLY way for me!, and some fresh fruit...lately it's been mango. Good stuff.
But then I eat...and sit for a minute...and POOF! that burst of energy has been spent and it's all i can do to get the chores I need done throughout the day.

So I was totally pleasantly surprised to find these little gems at the health food store at my last visit.
They're great right out of the container, cold but even better if I toss them into a hot pan and just let them brown a bit. No seasoning, no dipping sauce required. They're healthy (sodium's a bit high), vegan, and perfect just the way they are.
I had purchased a Szechuan variety as well, but the Thai were my favorite.

So I've spent quite a few days with these babies as lunch, cereals for breakfast, fruits and nuts as snacks throughout the day, and eeeeeeeeeeasy dinners of rice and whatever. Usually some brown rice, beans, seasonings, avocado, and tomatoes in a whole wheat wrap....almost daily. Nothing really to write home much less blog about.

The Cap'n's been gone a lot too so when I'm just cooking for me lately I'm even less inspired.

Then I had a night recently where comfort food was in order. So I dragged my ever expanding self to the kitchen and whipped up some simple fried tofu, smashed red potatoes (with the skins on, yeah!) with herbed gravy, and sauteed spinach.It came together faster than I thought it would and was so very worth the effort. Just what I needed!

I still have a few mangoes left and have been wanting to try a new recipe so hopefully you'll see that here soon....along with Julie Hasson's fauxsage seitan (i've so been craving seitan lately!) and I seriously doubt, fatigue or not, I can stave off the sugar cravings for too much longer so I'm thinking something sweet and sinful should be blogged in the very near future.

hope you all are well! I'm beginning to think that the awful stiffness/aching i'm experiencing in my hands may be pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. fun! only ten more weeks to go!


julie hasson said...

You don't sound lazy to me. Wow, even with your easy meals you're still cookin' up some great food! I wish I had been vegan when I was pregnant, because I would have eaten so much healthier.

Sorry you're feeling so tired. Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling tired, but I would hardly call you lazy! Your "lazy" meals still look and sound delicious, and seem impressive to me!


Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

sounds pretty productive to me! the comfort food plate looks so good. now i want mashed potatoes!!!
i gotta try those quiches look really, really good. i was never an egg person pre-vegan days but i love stuff like tofu scramble now. weird. i guess eggs just grossed me out.
sorry yr feelin so tired. i guess rest up now!!!

Brandie said...

OH! I've been waiting for an update! (Like I'm one to talk, Im' SOO behind...) Glad you're well, though feeling no energy. I never had the "boost" at 2nd trimester either, so I know how you feel...! Your meals may be "boring" and/or "eeeeeeasy" to you (lol) but they look SOO good to me!!! I wish I had the TIME to learn cooking like that... that's one thing I'm SO looking forward to with maternity leave coming up! Time to cook!

Those dumplings look really good too - I'm jealous!

I'll try to get posted tonight or tomorrow - I have SO much to blog! (Must really not get so far behind!) Have a great weekend!!

T said...

Those crustless quiches look to die for! YUM! That is inspired cooking for only 10 weeks to go.

urban vegan said...

It all looks fantastic...lazy? If you're lazy, then I don;'t know what busy is ;)

Isn't it magic when you find a product--like the dumplings--that you just love?

J said...

Glad to see you back! I was very tired with both of my pregnancies, so I guess you have a good excuse! You are getting close!!

andrea said...

Mmm... anyway you could let me in on how to make this "simple fried tofu"? It looks delicious and any time I've ever tried to fry, bread, or saute tofu it just hasn't.... turned out. Then I see or taste someone's tofu, like yours, and wonder why I can't seem to make it. If you could, I'd be delighted if you posted the recipe you use.