Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Color Cravings?

While sometimes I'll crave certain foods, mostly I crave certain colors. As in, 'I'm reeeally wanting something green right now' or 'Ya know what sounds good? Something orange...and some green!'. So even when I don't think I feel like whipping up something for a meal, these cravings get my butt in gear pretty fast and, before I know it, I'm happily working away.

Last night it was the green and orange thing. I wanted to use up some leftover tempeh (which I'd turned, not all that successfully into the spicy tempeh part from PPK's Spicy Tempeh Rolls. So, I chopped up a little red onion, red pepper, and loads of carrots, then mixed in a handfull of sunflower seeds, another of hemp seeds, some tamari, cumin, dill, and a touch more of veganaise. Put that, open face, atop some of my homemade bread, topped it with some fresh avacado and a little of Vive's Cashew Avacado Sauce.

While I was doing that I threw VwaV's Garlicky Brussel Sprouts in the oven. While the orange isn't so evident in the picture, I loved crunching into them in the open sandwhich. It was reeeally tasty but entirely too big a sandwich! I could only finish half of it, you know, what with all the brussel sprouts I was devouring! I

I tell ya, I can't believe I waited all my life to enjoy this vegetable. So good!

As a treat for having to trek all the way to the doctor's today (looks like I'm getting an endoscopy in the very near future. FUN!), of course I had to come home and bake cookies. Especially after Out of My Vegan Mind's claim that these are her most favorite. I typically make Dreena's Homestyle version from Vive and love them. I thought I should venture out in my vegan baking of choc. chip cookies though and LOVED these as well. I don't like using margarine, so will be working on a sub for that. Actually, I don't like using canola oil all that much either, which is what the homestyle cookies call for. I'm thinking Earth Balance will be my best bet. I have Soy Balance right now. Is EB a margarine?

Either way, these are heavenly and I highly recommend them. I've already enforced a new rule in the house, bread can only be baked once a month if cookies are made once in that month. If no cookies, pies, cakes, etc. then bread can be made twice....but no more! Hopefully that will help me steer clear of getting too into the vegan baking while we live out here with no one to share all these goodies with but our waistlines. :)

Ooh, and quick note. that glass in the photo? sooo cool! got 'em a couple of years ago from they recycle old glass bottles to make glasses and vases and such. have some of their candle holders as well. LOVE THEM! they're reasonably priced, really nice, and make perfect gifts for the eco-minded friend or family member.


Valerie said...

I really love your blog! The sandwich, brussel sprouts, and cookies all look delicious. I might need to pick up some brussel sprouts next time I am at the store. I never tried brussel sprouts until I became vegetarian and I can't believe I missed out on so much goodness. Sorry to hear about the potential endoscopy. That does not sound like fun new and definitely warranted cookies.

Anonymous said...

I've never made that tempeh filling, but I think I need looks incredible.

that's a tough rule you're enforced. i'm afraid i could never live by it:-(

Megan the vegan

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that you still have those tummy troubles :(
I will be thinking about you !

(I love brussels sprouts, especially with toasted sesame seeds)

bazu said...

Hey, not only are your foods green, but your dishes and glasses are green- cool!
I hope your stomach feels better. My aunt came down with ulcers this summer, and couldn't eat so many of her favorite foods. Good luck.
I am craving cookies RIGHT NOW. I'll go try the recipe you posted. Cheers!

bazu said...

P.S. I made the spicy tempeh for sushi and wasn't too impressed. It made a much better sandwich the next day, I too used avocado! Great minds think alike...

Candi said...

Oh goodness...those cookies look amazing! :P I like your rule for limiting the bread and cookies/desserts! I have been really bad about the desserts again lately. Your cookies look worth it though!

I really want that avocado sauce you mentioned! I will have to break out that recipe book and take a peek! Your sandwich looks great and those garlicy brussel sprouts sound awesome!

Sorry about your stomach troubles!! I'm glad you are being active though and going to the doctor and working on correcting things!

As far as margarine...I use Earth Balance and love it. I need to cut back though and should find a substitute since I love it too much!

Candi said...

PS> I thought I already commented here before that last one...I think I'm going crazy! Lol! maybe I commented in my mind. LOL!

laura k said...

That sandwich looks so delicious! Avocado always makes my mouth water...

That green glass is gorgeous... When I first saw the pic I was wondering what on earth you were drinking that was green!!

I hope your stomach gets better... :(