Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lemony, Sunshiney Day (a photo essay :)

If you haven't tried Vive's Lemon Herb Tofu yet I highly recommend you step on it and get to making this wonderful (what will soon be in your house, too) household staple. I haven't marinated tofu to bake since I started making it this way. It's so great! so much flavor! (and you can mash it all up for really yummy salads, too!).

Tonight we had that and some roasted herbed red and sweet potatoes with onion, topped with kale (i just boil it and then add a little sea salt after straining...mmmmmm).with a little side of leftover Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy, like so:I love how amazingly sweet sweet potatoes get when you roast 'em. Such a yummy meal. Nice and hardy as I'm not able to eat again until tomorrow after my CT scan, and who knows what time that will end up being. Don't feel bad for me, tho, since I totally plan to treat myself to something wonderful as I'll be in an actual town with actual vegan options the minute they let me loose after the procedure. woohoo! i'm giddy with anticipation. :)
And am I the last one on earth to discover these...? I like to make my own patties of different sorts, but really like the convenience once in a while of just heating and eating. And with ingredients like these, I can feel good about doing just that. I loved them! Served with some homemade agave mustard and sprouts on a sprouted grain roll with an asian pear, this was a great lunch I can't wait to have again!
The asian pears have been looking especially good lately at the store. I'm thinking I want to do something with them and ginger, mmmmm.....

Tomorrow night we're having seitan made today. How cool is this picture?!
I can't believe I went all those years hating seitan just because I'd never tried to make it myself. It's so easy and so much tastier than store bought versions! Now I make it, have it one night, freeze the rest, and just when I want it again, there it is! Praise Seitan!


aTxVegn said...

Thank you so much for showing the Sunshine Burgers! I certainly didn't know about them. I thought there was no such thing as a gluten free veggie burger. I hope I can find them somewhere here in town.

I AM, apparently, the only vegan cook who doesn't own Vive. That's gonna change this weekend!

Have fun tomorrow - after the doctor stuff.

Harmonia said...

I haven't seen sunshine burgers around here...can I buy them online? These photos are wonderful! The tofu is yummy looking...I tried it once and it didn't turn out quite right but I will try and try again. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Dreena's Lemon Herb Tofu recipe too. I always want to make it into a sandwich filling or have it with salad, but I never make enough for leftovers!!!

Megan the Vegan

FH said...

I have some veg burgers in my freezers too! They are yum!! Your Tofu lookd wonderful there! Great pics!!Thanks!

bazu said...

Beautiful food. The pictures literally sparkle with color. Good luck with the doctor's appointment, I know it can't be fun for you, but tons of yummy tomato-y foods await you at the other end!

Anonymous said...

wow that tofu looks amazing!

Candi said...

Your tofu looks great. I really liked this recipe too and found it very light. I bet it'd be great on salads.

I want thise sweet potatoes!! Lol! Looks so good with the kale and gravy!

I've never heard of Sunshine burgers! :P Yours looks great witht he agave mustard and asian pears!!

yummy, that seitan looks great. I messed it up the first time I made it and didn't like it at all. Now, it's one of my favorites!!

Ok, so today is the day of your CT scan. I sure hope it went well for you and I'm SO happy you are treating yourself as soon as you can after!! I love that!!!!! Ihope they get back to you with some results quickly so you can get to conquering this stomach pain!!

Julie said...

OMG! Everything looks sooo amazing. I have got to try those Sunshine Burgers!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your tofu looks EXCELLENT. I have some in my fridge at school that I keep meaning to do something with.. that may very well be what I do with it. Actually everything on here looks great. Everyone has been making the Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy lately, I still haven't but maybe should try it. :-)

Candi said...

Hi again!! :) Just had to pop by and say thanks for the blog comment you left me! :) I love your idea of a vegan commune!! You know we'd all be creating some nutritional therapy attempts for you to heal your stomach pain!! :P

I hope you are not spending this weekend worried about the dr's call and your scan results. I hope the kitchen is your distraction! Cupcakes? Salads? Maybe you should make more Goddess Mashed Potatoes! :) Funny how I've borrowed two of your recipes already and they are on my top favorites list now!! (those kale potatoes and the tofu marsala!) :P So yummy. Also, you inspired me to find hempseeds, and I cannot even believe how good they are!! I sprinkle them on lots of foods now and they go on every salad I make! Anyhow, I hope you are creating amazing concoctions in the kitchen, or are out relaxing with friends.

Have a great rest of the weekend!!I'll be thinking of you on Monday when you will get the phone call to let you know what you can do to heal! :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm ! Lemon Herb Tofu !!! I love it :))
And the Punk Rock Gravy too !

"And am I the last one on earth to discover these...?" (Sunshine Burgers)
No, I probably will be though ! LOL

Sending you good thoughts {{{DGMGV}}}

Nikk said...

I've never tried the Sunshine Burgers, but I've always wanted to!

And I don't own Vive either! I did make sure to put it on my wishlist, so hopefully Santa will bring it for me...if I can't wait that long.

And that kale/potato/gravy assemblage is a staple in my house. I love kale, I love kale mashed in to potatoes, and I love slathering it in chickpea gravy.

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

atxvegn- I had seen them at Mother Earth a few times and just never thought much about them, then I read the ingredients and thought, Hey! that's just the kind of stuff i like to make at home but don't always have the time! YUM!
hehe, i give in probably too much to my urge to buy cookbooks that i read about in other people's blog, but knowledge is power (and amazing eats, it would seem! :) so they're an expendature that's totally worth it in the end.

harmonia- has 'em. i just did a quick search. not sure how they handle the frozen aspect, but it's worth looking into!

Megan- ah, yes...this is the joy of eating a lot on one's own when your husband's a pilot (and believe me, there aren't many!)...leftovers! hehe.

foodie's hope- no, thank you!

bazu- thank you, and i've been sneaking in tomatoes here and there regardless as they don't seem to make a difference...i mean, i really can't be expected to go that long without them can i? If it's gonna hurt before, during, and after I eat anyway, I may as well eat what I love! :)

johanna3- thank you! just popped over to your blog, everything looks wonderful!!!

candi- i'm hoping to hear today about the CT scan, thank you for all your comments, you rock! :)

julie- thank you! and yes, you really, really do. hehe.

tania- mmmmm, tofu! dreena's lemon herb recipe is reeeeeally tasty. i promie you'll love it! i like it especially the next day mashed with a little vegannaise in romaine boats with chopped cukes and tomatoes.
and i finally made the gravy for just that reaosn! :)

gaia- thank you so much, it helps to have so many wonderful people sending me well wishes!

nikki- i can't believe i went so long without eating kale!!! it's a favorite, for sure! now the only problem i face is finding good stuff at the grocery store. they don't always have it. cannot wait to move to a place with a local CSA!

Anonymous said...

After reading this post, I made the lemon herb tofu the other day for the first time and had it on sandwiches for lunch. Yum!