Monday, August 03, 2009

Vegan Rosewater Almond Shortbread

I recently helped throw a bridal shower for my husband's cousin. She wanted a tea party, and I wanted to bake something that would lend itself to the elegant, pretty set up that we'd created.

Imagine Billie Holiday singing in the background, the summer sun filtering thru the trees and the windows, and a group of lovely women adorned in their tea party best (hats and all!) sitting down for tea, laughter, and a celebration of love. What better than a sophisticated and delicate cookie to dunk in their tea? (i also bagged a couple up for each guest and they took home their tea cup and saucer and a little flowering tea ball as a favor)
After searching the web a bit I found Celine's Rosewater Sables at Have Cake, Will Travel. Everything I've ever tried of Celine's has been a total hit so I knew this was the recipe for me. The only changes I made were to add a couple drops of almond extract (I love almond) and then create a simple icing with more almond and rosewater and a touch of red food coloring to make it pink.

Total much that I may have enjoyed any extra cookies that were lying around before I ever got a chance to bring them to our friends and neighbors. oops! surely that won't help get the baby weight off but hey, I'm half way to goal and these cookies were not only delicate, slightly soft, and beautiful...they were SO YUMMY, too!

Thanks, Celine!

Tea and mimosas, anyone?

The guests in attendance were not vegan or even veg so the food spread isn't something you'd want a gander at, but the cookies were a hit!!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

What a lovely bridal shower!

Leigh said...

Such a beautiful setup!

Celine said...

oh my, these pictures are absolutely lovely! I'll know who to call next time I need a party thrown.

aTxVegn said...

The tables are really lovely - nice job!

Haley said...

That bridal shower set-up and those lovely delicate cookies are absolutely beautiful! Fantastic!

veganf said...

Looks great! I love serving vegan food to non-vegans who then ask for the recipe, hahaha.