Friday, September 06, 2013

Japanese Takeout

When life gives you a 14 hour long migraine with so much to do in a day that you don't even eat anything after your tofu nomelet but an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter? Make your husband pick up Vegan Friendly Japanese Takeout before bed. Or, at least ask him very nicely in a whispered voice and a cold pack attached to your head.

I had other plans for today's post, but yesterday was a fog of errands, a mountain paperwork, and a throbbing of brain. 
Food = Medicine
This cheap dinner from the Japanese Teppanyaki place up the street really hit the spot and allowed me to go to bed tired, aching, but fed. Grilled ('grilled' after first coating with cornstarch is not grilled, but I'm not picky) tofu with a slightly sweet teriyaki sauce (that I should have asked them to put on the side as I'm sure Florida Crystals were not the sweetener. good news is that the soft tofu inside slid right out of the coating and tasted just fine naked as all good tofu will. yum), and a tempura veggie (tempura'd broccoli and sweet potato and avocado, oh my!) roll (with my own homemade spicy sauce: Vegenaise, toasted sesame oil, agave, and Sriracha, that I always have on hand) were just what the doctor ordered...and the amazing, sweet, accommodating beloved delivered. I love when we take visiting friends and family there. Omnis love a good Japanese 'Steakhouse' and I love that there are lots of vegan options like edamame, udon noodles, vegan friendly miso, salads, creative veggie rolls, and that they make my tofu and veggies on a part of the grill far away from and before the meat entrees of the other patrons. My kid gets a kick out of that onion volcano every time so it's a win all around. Their takeout is fast and inexpensive and moments from home. Felt pretty grateful for that last night, despite the sauce hiccup. Maybe the chef had a migraine, too. :)

Over the weekend I'll be working on a post about hair care and my vegan journey into getting my unruly mop shiny and happy without sulfates, silicones or non-vegan products! Have a great weekend!

For now, here's a kitty pic. Because when you have no recipe, wow them with kittehs. 
Maximilian! * If I can't find a running shoe or a hair tie
 I know it's likely been dragged under the bed by my snuggle buddy, Max.  It's great to be so loved. 

*Max was one of six kittens dropped off in a box with a towel over it at the refuge 

(Back to Nature, just outside of Orlando) where I used to work. I lifted the towel and a tiny, five week old ball of scruff and attitude came flying at me, clawing and meowing and sticking to me like Velcro. Very scratchy, hungry Velcro. Some of the volunteers and I sat around during our lunch break feeding them and pondering their fate and when a coworker of mine and I stepped up saying we would each adopt one, every single other person decided they would too. All kitties found loving homes that day. He is one of my two 'Bithlo Kitties' and was always the kid I thought I'd never have. He's about 12 now and still full of just as much fire as the day we met, but reserves all his snuggling for his human momma. He will scratch your face off if you (not me, but you hehe) try and pet him south of mid-back but will be your best bud if you scratch under his chin. He will come whenever I call and bless me when I sneeze, even when it wakes him from a deep kitty slumber. Love my Max!


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What a great place to have near you! A Korean bibimbap place just opened around the corner from me and it's my new fave' place to get takeout from.

Julie said...

Awww, what a sweet story; nice to meet Max. :)