Monday, October 16, 2006


Well, today's phone call from the doctor was a mixed blessing.

Good news: it's not any cancer or weird tumor or strange mass or oddly shaped organ. everything looks good.

Bad news: everything looks good, and I still feel terrible. having lots of pain to the left of and around my stomach and back.

I do have a small kidney stone in my left kidney, but this does not explain my stomach woes (unless, of course, i'm so in tune with my body that i'm just in distress due to the kidney issue causing stomach woes? not a very medical explanation, but it's all i have at the moment).

Next, I go to a Neurogastricsomethingorother doctor but likely not til next month and I have to also get a test done to see how I digest things. That may be the problem. Funny, she was explaining that they make you eat an egg sandwhich and blahblahblah, and when she was done I asked, "Is it always an egg sandwhich? Because as a vegan I'd never eat one." she quickly remembered, laughed and said they'd come up with something, maybe tofu, and then recommended a great restaurant in town that she just found with good vegan options. She's cool like that.

So basically, it looks to be nothing too scary or life-threatening, just more than mildly miserable in the world of me.

Thank you all again and again for all your kind thoughts and well wishes. I've been meaning to make the rounds, but blogger isn't letting me even open comments on some of your blogs so i get weary and put it off another day. know that each and every one of you brightens my day and truly inspires me just for being the amazing people that you are!

I will be out of town on and off for the rest of October, but will certainly share anything spectacularly vegan (or health related) that comes my way.


B said...

Glad to hear it isn't cancer, and sorry to hear that they can't figure out what it is:(


Candi said...

That is great news! Nothing serious, only mysterious! Perhaps it does have something to do with the kidney stone, but looking into digestion is a really great idea. I laughed at your response to the egg sandwich! LOL! As soon as I read the word egg, I saw a red flag go up. LOL! I'm glad they will allow tofu! :P

Now, you can relax knowing it is not cancer or a tumor. :) What good news. Thanks for updating!!!!

laura k said...

I hope that they get it figured out soon for you... I know it's awful having something wrong and never able to figure it out! I'm so glad it's not serious, though.

Anonymous said...

yikes that sounds like quite the ordeal. I'm glad they say it's nothing serious. I too was wondering what was so special about egg sandwiches!

Harmonia said...

Good to hear the great news...sorry you are still feeling terrible tho. Congrats on the egg sandwich response! Thumbs-upski!

Anonymous said...

New reader here, and late to this particular party, but, have you tried a naturopath and an elimination diet, wherein you take everything out of your diet and add it back one item at a time? I just went through this, and it sucked, but was a huge revelation and gave me my life back.