Thursday, November 16, 2006

Almost Forgot!!!!

When I visited my family last in VA, I delighted them with vegan fare for breakfast. I knew that herb-roasted potatoes would be a hit for omnivores, and I was fairly certain that VwaV's Tempeh Bacon would wow them over (tho, in my opinion, tempeh is not a hard sell to omnivores ;)...but what could I do for the main part of the meal that would really tantalize their tastebuds?????
VwaV's Frittata!!! Granted, I favor zuchini in my version over asparagus (i'm a purist about asparagus...I like it mostly all on it's own or with hollandaze, jut not in things as it tends to get overcooked or take over the flavor).

They adored this. A big Italian bunch, they were all amazed that what they were eating was tofu and that the flavor was so reminiscent of thier beloved lasagna. I've made this frittata again and again for guests who spend the night and there's never any leftovers. So good!

We're off to the beach (again! don't you just hate us, already?) to enjoy the last of the warmer weather. I plan on just packing up anything I have here already but will certainly share anything that comes out interesting.

Next week some great friends are coming over for dinner. We're having a Vegan Feast! I'm not sure which of my favorites I'm going to make yet (there are so many!), but I'm really excited to cook for vegetarian friends a complete vegan meal. Still can't figure out which cupcakes I want to make....but sooooo excited to make some, finally! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Candi said...

That frittata looks great! I think I'd also go for the zuchinni! My family is part Italian and would probably love this, since you mention it reminding them of lasagna!

Have a great time at the beach!!! :P I'm envious, but couldn't hate you. I will just pretend I'm coming along. Lol!

Can't wait to hear what you choose for the vegan dinner!!!!!

Amey said...

Oh Boy! Thanks for sharing this, I haven't tried that recipe yet, but it looks fantastic. Also, I can't wait to hear (and see!) about your big vegan feast. I have friends over for dinner a few times a year, but almost never have the chance to cook for fellow vegans. There is something so deeply satisfying about it, isn't there?

laura k said...

Your frittata looks great! I have to say, I'm more of an asparagus person myself. :) When I made that recipe, it looked nice in the pan but it crumbled to pieces when I tried to serve it. Did you have that problem? If not, why not? I would love to know!

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

candi- seriously, if your family loves a good lasagna, they won't be able to resist the flavors of that frittata, especially with the zucchini. it's reeeeally good. if my little brother ate it up like he did? i don't think there's anyone it can't win over ;)

springsanwells- you're right, it truly is satisfying. even moreso when some of the people you're feeding are vegetarian who just want to try more vegan ideas to see how they can incorporate them into their cooking. i also had one friend who is a new vegan over and as a fairly new vegan myself (it's only been about five months or so for me) i know how wonderful it is to extend your limited recipe range with a little help from some friends :).

laura- yeah, i have that problem too. i think when i drain the toful exessively? it helps quite a bit, but it's never really like a frittata made with eggs. it definitely falls apart much more easily. also, you really have to let it sit and cool as long as you can stand to not eat it. ;)