Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I need to fully wake up as there is sooo much to do this morning. Tonight is my very first Vegan Feast. This is my new tradition. Friends are coming over and we're dining on vegan fare while everyone is home for the upcoming holiday. This will also give me all kinds of leftovers to schlep along to the family Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday. Can't wait to share the menu with you......later!

But for now, I thought I'd share some highlights from our last trip to the beach. the wind was cold but the sky was so blue and clear and the sun warmed us up in a hurry. I truly cannot get enough of that amazing stretch of the universe. 's my own little heaven.
so, the food! I basically never get around to planning ahead when we travel and end up whipping up as much stuff as I can out of the fridge to ensure we don't come home to spoiled groceries. Upon our arrival at the beach, we dined on the patties that I'd made that morning from the stuffed squash I just posted about. I bascially just tossed the stuffing in the food processor with about a cup of brown rice and a handful of pecans. then formed patties and froze. at the beach, I sauteed them in a bit of olive oil and served on a toasted bun with avacado, tomato, and green onion, and some homemade agave mustard (my obvious new favorite condiment ;). I had totally forgotten to buy greens at the store so that's why this sandwhich is devoid of the usual lettuce. We munched on some Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips along with it. YUM! what a great meal to settle us in!
When at the beach, we typically wake up as early as we can to walk on the beach. This means that my usual 'get up and eat breakfast' routine is out the door and we eat after we've run around a bit and worked up a good appetite. I opted for some leftover Alfreda Sauce on whole wheat pasta with some edamame and roasted cauliflower I'd brought. Again, this sauce does not disappoint. the flavor is really unlike anything else I've made. so good!

Sat. day we hit a favorite state park, Washington Oaks State Gardens. the hiking trails are so beautiful and peaceful. I'm such a Florida girl, I cannot get enough of the ecology of this state. And I, apparently, can never take too many pictures of the sun shining on the water whether it be the ocean or the inlet.

For an early dinner, I wanted to roast some veggies (zucchini, summer squash, red onions, baby bellas) with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but the unit we rent is a housekeeping unit and I'm beginning to think that whomever has to do the bulk of the real cleaning? Is seriously slacking on the job. there was sprayed on oven off that had never been wiped out all over the oven. I was not about to just roast things uncovered so, unfortunatlely, I had to use aluminum foil and they ended up steamed. not how i usually like my squash, shrooms, or onions, but put on a wrap with mashed roasted cauliflower that I'd incorporated a tad of agave mustard and some asian marinated then baked tofu (I baked that at home before we left. whew!)? With a an apple on the side, it was reeeeally tasty!
We had company coming Sat night so I broke out the stuffed mushrooms that I'd packed in this cool little container that my mom gave to me on her last visit down (thanks, mom!). they're a great size with this cool little vent and I may be the only person who looked at them and immediately saw a little (albeit weirdly shaped) fox type animal with a bum leg rather than what they actually are. hehe. we also snacked on some tortilla chips and salsa verde, and the stuffed squash I'd brought along that we all devoured. oh, and vino...lots of really good vino.
A new yummy snack is from the desert pepper somethingorother. i love their salsa verde, but a friend brought along this and it was wonderful on tortilla chips with fresh avacado.

Tonight's my big vegan feast so i'm off to make dessert and clean the house. can't wait to share it with my guests and all of you! happy Tuesday! :)


Anonymous said...

I am with you on the natural beauty of Florida. I love it there. Hubby was too worried about hurricanes though to move there! At least we get to visit occasionally.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic views, wishing you the best, and happy thanksgiving!

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

vivacious vegan- ya know what the great thing about hurricanes is? insurance...and ya see 'em coming. hehe. i think i'm just spoiled 'cause i was raised here so I just can't see myself living anywhere else. whenever you guys are down, lemme know! we live thirty min away from the most beautiful river and have killer kayaks that we LOVE to take out.

johanna3- isn't it beautiful? we cannot get out there enough. if we could afford it we would move there. sigh. same to you!