Friday, November 17, 2006

Quick Last Post and then We're Off!

So, last night I knew iI wanted to cook the Delicata squash I'd just bought. I'd never made them before but was excited to try something new (and so pretty, they are!). I followed a suggestion online and, after baking and slicing, dotted them with a mixture of 3T. EB, 2tsp. chili powder, and 2T. lime juice.

I opted just to bake them in the oven along with another new recipe that I found on vegweb and then tweaked just a tad to accomodate what I had here at home. I subbed one can of black-eyed peas for one of the cannelini beans, added some leeks and more carrot, and replaced the vegan luncheon meat (i really am not a fan of that stuff) with the basic tempeh recipe from the Native Foods Cookbook that I crumbled up and threw in instead. Hey, wait! That makes this one okay to be mine and share, no? hehe. I'll have to come up with a name for it and post the recipe and how to, because it is extremely good! It has a stuffing-like quality in flavor and a really hearty texture. the salad we had was just some leftover boston lettuce with cucumber, tomato, and avacado, and our favorite easy ginger dressing, Makoto.
For our trip, I got even smarter and brushed the two remaining squash halves with the chili/lime mixture, then stuffed 'em with the casserole. With soup or a salad, that should make for a great meal after running around on the beach in the evening when it gets really cool.

I'm even considering mixing up the remaining casserole in the food processor and adding a bit of bread crumbs, then making patties to cook up later. I think the flavor and texture would lend themselves quite nicley to that kind of preparation. Now I'm off to cook up as much stuff as I can pack with us! Have a great weekend!


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Have a lovely trip - I look to forward to hearing about it and your words on the casserole! What an evolution of a dish~ I was getting a plate yesterday, and remembered I had a shelf of squash that need to be eaten, delicata included..
The first time I made one I totally did not notice the 'keep for two weeks to sweeten' note in my csa basket, and I was a little dissapointed.

madeinalaska said...

wow.. I haven't comment on your blog in a while, but I am still reading it faithfully..
all of your food looks flippen amazing.. and I am not just saying that!
have fun at the beach .. looking forward to some more of your great photos.

laura k said...

I hope your trip is fantastic! Those stuffed squash halves look lovely, and I'm sure they will be a perfect meal.

Candi said...

I love the bean filling you used in the squash!! Yum!!

Your side salad is picture perfect! :P

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

jess- thanks! i'd never heard about the squash keeping, either. thanks for the tip! i never got around to doing it but i thought i should take the last stuffed half and mash it up with the bean stuffing and make a patty and incorporate the lime sauce. would be much tastier. give it a little more zing. ah, hindsight! ;)

madeinalaska- thank you! and no worries, as you can see...i'm terrible at getting back to everyone. i have been trouble with blogger letting me comment on everyone else's as well so i feel doubly bad. hehe.

laura- they were reeeally yummy, and i'm hoping to try a bunch more variations of the get a little away from soy and eat more in teh way of beans. i just am a little depressed that the grocery store seems to be dwindling their squash stock....already!

candi- thank you and thank you! it was all reeeeally good. i love a simple salad like that just as much as one choc full of everything. ;)