Wednesday, July 18, 2007


That vegan cupcakes really are taking over the world.

Just thought I'd share a pic from a dear friend of mine who, while not vegan, loves vegan baking and is already smitten with VCTOTW. These are her Vegan Coconana Cupcakes.
They're the Agave Vanilla Cupcakes made with coconut extract in the place of vanilla and mashed banana instead of oil. They're topped with a coconut glaze instead of an icing. Don't they look light and delicious?!

She told me to, "feel free to brag about how you've got your omnivorous friend doling out vegan cupcakes round O-town like they are the new pink" and so I am! ;)

Thanks, Girlie! Now, if only we lived close enough to share!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

agave vanilla cupcakes? that sounds like perhaps one of the most delectable cupcake flavors EVER. I love how the cupcakes look like a little army, getting ready to indeed take over the world, haha :0)

Unknown said...

Those looks great! I can't bake -- so, non-vegans making cupcakes can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

laura k said...

That's too cool! One of my omni friends just purchased VCTOTW too... how great! Anyway, you can tell your friend that those cuppers have me drooling.

Beth said...

Yeah so, when I visit, you'll have to impart necessary info on making cupcakes keep... they get a little messy after a day or two... but still sooo yummy!

Joy Keaton said...

Those cuppers are gorgeous! Can't wait to make them myself! VCTOTW is really just about the most fun cookbook I've ever found. And the most dangerous for the waistline! ;)