Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tofu 'n Kale w/ Shiitake Miso Gravy

Ever since I posted about it, I've been thinking about making the Wheat-Free Shiitake Miso Gravy again. In celebration of my own personal indepence from wheat laden gravy, I decided today was a good day to whip some more up! I employed the Grit's tofu preparation (press and cube tofu, brown in oiled skillet, sprinkle with soy sauce, wheat-free even!, brown some more, remove. clean and re-oil skillet, up the heat, put tofu back in, sprinkle with more soy sauce, cook a few min, add nutritional yeast and shake while browning for a few seconds before serving).

This was served over a bed of brown rice and perfectly boiled kale, all smothered in my guilt and allergen-free gravy.


honestly, i've even had a heckuva time picking just one photo. every one is just a reminder of just how delicious and nutritious this meal is!


Kris said...

Wow, that meal looks incredible. Comforting yet summery with the pretty kale peeking out. Here's to gluten gravy independence!

laura k said...

SUPER. YUM. That says all that needs to be said!

Teresa said...

The tofu and greens look YUM! I've got to try that gravy. Can I just finely chop shiitake mushrooms instead of using powdered?


Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

maybepigscanfly- i don't see why not! i just have a crock of shiitake powder i made for bryanna's vegan oyster sauce. 'd love to hear what you think when tried that way. bet it's just as yummy. ;)

Mihl said...

Your blog is full of so much great stuff. can you imagine that where I live kale is always cooked for at least 30 minutes? Because most people think there's no way to digest it if you cook it for five minutes or so. Now I should go and spread the word!
By the way, your mango muffins inspired me to make some apricot muffins - based on the VwaV recipe as well.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

this looking amazing!! I LOVE kale - this looks like a great dish to incorporate it in!!