Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Damn Tasty Meal

Surprisingly, this is only the second recipe I've tried from Kris's book the Damn Tasty Vegan Baking Guide. Another total success. I made the Garlic Rolls, a yeasty, perfectly tender on the inside, crusty on the outside accompaniment to your favorite meal. Here's one before baking.And here they are after. I followed the suggestion to brush the tops, once cooked, with a bit of melted Smart Balance and dust them with a cashew, NY, sea salt blend. Perfecto!
This same night, I tried my hand at the Horizons Cookbook's basic pan seared tofu recipe. I think I was a tad too heavy handed in applying the spice blend so these were super packed with flavor and will tone it down next time, but the flavor combination was outta this world. We loved it and enjoyed it with some store bought gnocchi (I swear I'm gonna make my own, one of these days!), my homemade red sauce, and a sauted bunch of rappini, or broccoli rabe, with garlic. This was such a satisfying meal. We loved how simple and hearty it was.


Unknown said...

these rolls are absolutely stunning!

moi + toi PHOTOGRAPHIE said...

Wow That looks amazing, i need to get that book!

Great job!

Unknown said...

those rolls look amazing! is that a garlic sauce stuffed inside?


bazu said...

I can't believe how perfect and round and cute those rolls look! I shall have to try them soon.

Vegan_Noodle said...

THose rolls look so amazing! I will have to check out that recipe.... Looks like you've gotten started on using up that nutritional yeast :-)

Anonymous said...

those rolls are beautiful!