Monday, October 05, 2009

So Simple, So Good!

More Vegan Caesar (seriously, I've started calling this My Caesar Salad is Better Than Your Caesar Salad), and I have a feeling it will be accompanying many a meal in the coming months.
This time, there was no time for pressing or crusting tofu, but a twice baked potato proved easy and really hit the spot. I baked the potato, cut it in half, scooped out the middle and added about a teaspoon of Smart Balance, a healthy dose of nutritional yeast, about a tablespoon of plain soy yogurt (who needs Tofutti?), garlic salt, fresh black pepper, and steamed broccoli I already had on hand. I stuffed that back into half the potato that it came from (the other half is in tact and will be part of lunch tomorrow!) and broiled it for a few minutes until the top was nice and golden.

Not exactly the stellar, fancy dinner one would typically be excited to blog about, but ya know what? It was SO GOOD. And simple, and cheap, and gluten free, and vegan, and could be thrown together easily while a silly toddler is at one's feet demanding to be held, played with, danced with, and basically just causing a typical 17 month old end of the day ruckus. To me? THAT's something I can sink my teeth into!

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