Thursday, October 01, 2009

Vegan MoFo Begins Again!

And this time? I'm gonna join in! I never had in previous years as I didn't trust that I would actually blog every day, and this year seems like a silly time to try since I'm usually running after Taylor and only eating the simplest of things, but hey! Who says food has to be fancy or complicated to be vegan or GREAT?!

So why not celebrate this month and just get real about what a vegan eats, both when they're feeling creative and adventurous or just eating to eat?

The impetus for this change of heart? Behold, Grilled Pineapple.
Mmmm hmmm, it's even better than it looks. I had thrown together a soy curl based mock chicken casserole (will post a recipe when I get the 'cream' of mushroom just right) and was at a loss as to what to serve with it. After scoping out the produce in the 'fridge and my husband's suggestion that we open up the house and eat semi al fresco (our dining room opens up via french doors to the patio), I deemed asparagus and pineapple were in the most danger of going bad if we didn't get to eating them soon.

Enjoying this amazing Florida fall-ish weather where it's sunny but not crazy hot all day and then cool in the mornings and evening made grilling the ideal option for both items.

I tossed the asparagus in olive oil and organic garlic salt (thanks mom, this stuff is SO good!) with a little cracked black pepper.

The pineapple I just sliced and dusted with a bit of brown sugar. That's all, so easy!

Both were grilled until just charred and perfect sides to our meal!

I love how simple something like grilling pineapple is and yet it makes your taste buds sing! It's as sweet as candy but still plump and juicy and tastes like summer in every bite. Yum!

Game on, Vegan MoFo!


nora said...

mmm perfect!

Katie said...

Oh, wow, grilled pineapple... one last hurrah for summer! *salivating*

Tami said...

Glad to see you're doing MoFo!

And that pineapple? Woah....