Thursday, August 31, 2006

Comfort in Cookies

The last 24 hours have been grueling. Suffice it to say that when it rains? It really does pour. So much love to my family, both bipedal and furred, may we all come out the other side stronger. Even though I know everyone is okay, there's that empty feeling you get from emotional overload having taken over your body for a day and dictated how you eat, sleep, and breathe. afterwards, it's nice to just feel nothing for a few minutes.

the past day has been lots of leftovers, which are less than exciting. but i thought we'd end the day with something that i guiltily admit just makes it all disappear. like a culinary calgon experience. I just took Dreena Burton's Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies (from
Vive le Vegan) out of the oven. I always think of recipes such as these as a kind of ironic find. they're just as good (if not totally better!) than the nonvegan version so many of us grew up on, but they force me to bake cookies on a whim, something i never did before finding them. no matter, really, because they're divine! another really great think about her recipe (you know, aside from the fact that they come out perfect every time, are so simple to make, and require nothing but easy to find, natural ingredients) is that is only yields about 8 decent sized cookies and not the typical three dozen most recipes will make. 'cause believe you and me, i'd eat more if i made 'em. (try them, you'll be so happy you did! and toss in a handfull of your favorite chopped nuts if you have 'em. i like to chuck in some walnuts or hazelnuts when i have them).

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Melissa said...

Lordy be, those look good! If you ever get your sorry behind up here, I'll take you to a couple of vegan bakeries I know - not to mention one of the greatest retaurants ever to exist for freaks like us.