Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TLT and A's!!!!

While my breakfast was cooking this morning, I took a minute to throw together the marinade for VwaV's Tempeh Bacon recipe (I swear, I DO use other cookbooks, this one is just a real staple at our house, everything is soo good!).

By lunch, the tempeh was ready to evolve into this yummy goodness:

Typically this recipe is a breakfast acommpanying favorite (it really is best when you can marinate it over night, but totally scrumptious after a few hours, too), but today I had a hankering to put in on a sandwhich for lunch. Hence, the TLT (tempeh, lettuce, and tomato) and A! (avacado, 'cause really? nothing could do without a little avacado). all this with a teeny bit of veganaise on whole grain bread with a few blue corn chips and store bought hummus (not pictured) made for a really satisfying meal. I like to use really green greens, usually, but i've been loving the remains of my homemade salsa on EVERYTHING so there's lots of burritos and quick nachos here and there as of late, and I'm always wanting some shredded iceburg on those things so I have plenty to use up.

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