Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vegan Fast Food

As a vegetarian, you quickly learn that fast food that fits your dietary choices is hard to come by. This is a good thing, as pretty much all fast food is overprocessed, full of added ingregients, and all around just not good for you. You succumb, in the inevitable pinch, to bean burritos from taco bell and well, that's all i ever succumbed too, really. Alright, alright! those cheesy fiesta potatoes are like crack!
As a vegan, both these options just don't cut it anymore. Granted, the other day I was running errands and a quick lunch of salad and soup at Panera hit the spot, but more often than not, coming home and whipping up something super fast is so worth the extra 10 minutes my belly has to wait to be filled. My favorite 'fast food' as of late is Amy's frozen bean (non-dairy) burritos topped here with my super secret salsa recipe, some Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack style vegan cheese that i need to use up, some tofutti sour cream, avacado and red onion. So worth the wait!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bry... You are so creative! This is very interesting and non threatening to those who don't yet understand! I'm gonna turn on your site to some other vegitarians I know here at work. Nice Dishes!!!
FAAD,you make me PROUD...Mom Jovi

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

Thanks, Mom!