Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm so thankful.....

that all of you are so wonderful even when i'm a baaaad blogger who is rarely able to comment on your blogs (thanks, blogger!) and almost never responds to your comments on mine. I want to, I just keep telling myself I'll make the time....and then I don't. See? Bad, bad blogger.

So, because I'm so thankful, I'm hoping to change that today. I did go back a bit and try and respond to everyone in the last posts. (so if you had a question at all you can finally find the answer there. ;) I am so appreciative to have stumbled into this amazing community of truly inspiring and like-minded people. You are all my own personal superheroes, and I'm so glad to share my vegan journey with you. that's a little peek at what Thanksgiving was like for this vegan:Got up yesterday and made VwaV's Revolutionarly Spanish Omelet with Almond Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. I LOOOOOVE the way this cooks up like an omelet and the saffron is a great flavor that I have not had in so long! I think i may tweak the sauce a little bit next time. I'm not even sure how yet, but I think it may have been a little more lemon-y than I was in the mood for? not sure. It was reeeally good as is, I'm just catering to my own tastes. It was a huge hit with the omni family just as it was. They even kept some to have today! A huge success! ;) granted, i reeeeally need to invest in a smaller iron skillet. it was quite the a.m. workout to try and flip that baby all in one piece!

honestly, I'm so blessed to have my family really interested in my vegan lifestyle on both mine and my husband's sides. yesterday, as my family lives in VA, we dined with his. they were sweet and clued me in early on what would be safe for me to eat. I brought along the omelet, some leftover roasted brussel sprouts, green goddess potatoes, the rest of the carrot cake and some stuffed mushrooms and tempeh pate with rye crisps as appetizers for everyone. i'm now needing to email that tempeh pate recipe to the fam as they simply cannot go another day without it. how great is that?! hehe.

here's my plate. this vegan did NOT go hungry spanish omelet with red pepper sauce, roasted garlicky brussel sprouts, fresh cranberry relish (my mom-n-law makes this every year and it is the BEST THING EVER, all citrusy and fresh and just barely sweet and tart enough. mmmmmmmmmm i'll have to see if she'll share with us her recipe), green goddess potatoes, and some fresh green beans made with new potatoes and 'shrooms (my aunt-n-law made this version special this year, no butter or hambone to be found. yum!). and of course....i had more cake. ;)
hope everyone in the states had a wonderful thxgiving yesterday spent with friends and family and fabulous vegan food!


Hannah said...

ooo! I want some of that cake! Everyone keeps talking about the VwaV book...I think I'll add that to my xmas wish list!
Happy thanksgiving!

Freedom said...

Don't stress too much about not responding to people's comments! It's cool that you have challenged yourself to do it now though.
I'm very impressed that your omelete turned out so well, and the tempeh pate was so well received. You're fortunate to have such an understanding family who tries your food and prepares things you can eat. Well done on showing omnis how good vegan food can be!

Anonymous said...

love the monkey photo Lol

have a great weekend .
i love howe the cake looks.

laura k said...

Oh yum--that omelet would be soo good! I'm glad the omnivores appreciated it. It is really awesome to have support from your family.

You're not a bad blogger! I don't usually reply to every comment on my blog, unless someone asks me a direct question--I guess I just figure that people probably don't always come back to read the replies.

Candi said...

Nice job on that huge omelette! I think it looks great!! That's such a great feeling when everyone likes the dish, even if they are not veg*an.

I love your plate of everything good! Lol!

That cake though. If you post a pic of that one more time - I'm giving in and making it. Lol! It really looks like it would end up a favorite of ours!

You're an awesome blogger, btw. Don't be stressed about visiting, commenting, or whatever. Blogging is for fun, so you get to it when you can. Keep it fun for yourself and make it fit in your schedule. We'll keep visiting no matter what! You have so many great ideas, awesome foods, and you're so sweet that we're coming regardless. Lol!