Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MMMMMMM, Comfort Food!

What do ya make when you've had a miserable head cold where food has no flavor and your appetite has been basically nonexistent only to finally come out on the other side of it ravenous?

Comfort Food!!!
This is Native Food's Tempeh Scallopini and Mushroom Shallot Gravy with Mashed Potatoes and VwaV's Roasted Garlicky Brussel Sprouts, and it was fantastic and so simple to make!

I wanted to make the roasted garlic mashed potatoes that NF suggested but never remembered to roast the garlic beforehand. I did, however, take a tip from their recipe and add some coconut milk to my potatoes instead of all soy milk (which I also used). I skipped the garlic oil theirs called for and just used some Earth Balance, salt, garlic, and black pepper. I like the subtle flavor and texture that the coconut milk gave 'em. This was a fantastic meal. The only downside was eating it ENTIRELY too fast!

Another lovely thing from the Native Foods cookbook that I treated myself to lately...

Mexican Hot Chocolate!

I haven't had hot chocolate since I became vegan. Never really occurred to me, but when I spotted the recipe upon getting the book I new I wanted to try it. Normally, I'm not too fond of chocolatey things that rely only on cocoa powder for their chocolate flavor, but mixed with cinnamon, soy milk, and a pinch of salt this was reeeeeeeally good and will be made again and again in the coming winter months, to be sure!

And everyone is familiar with Ramen Noodles, right? Well, I'd used some in the past for a killer noodle salad recipe from a favorite cafe in Gainesville. The oriental flavor was always vegan....until now. Now? they contain beef fat. blech. Good thing I randomly read the label (for the billionth time!) when cooking them during my head cold induced misery! With the noodles ready to go I wondered, 'what on earth will I season them with that will taste good?' Then it hit me!

I like this boullion. I don't love it, but I like it. And that's a lot for me to say as I usually don't like most at all. It works in a pinch and is totally vegan. They have mock beef and chicken flavors but I just stick to the veggie variety. Just about a 1/2 a tsp in my noodles and Mmmmm,
just like the good ol' days...only better!


Candi said...

Your comfort food made ME feel better just looking at it! I would LOVE to have eaten dinner with you! I eat dinners like that way too fast too. Lol!

Mexican hot chocolate looks really good!! :P I make hot chocolate a lot for Britty, and once in awhile make a second mug for me. :P

Your noodles look like something Britty would love!! I'm going to show her your photo. I know she'll want to make them lots!!

You're sick with a cold?! :( :( I Hope it's clearing up now. The Mexican hot chocolate looks like a great cure!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the Mexican hot chocolate! Looks delicious. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh la la - are you talking about the Plumber's Pasta from Booklovers Cafe? I <3 that recipe but have not made it in a long time - I will have to dig it out of my pile and make it soon. Thanks for reminding me!

That hot chocolate looks divine - I hope it helps you feel better!

Melissa said...

Damn you and your blog. Every time I read it my stomach starts growling. I CAN'T WAIT to experience the food first-hand! Only a week and a half to go!

Nikk said...

Oh, ramen noodles, how I miss thee... :)

madeinalaska said...

wow! just wow! that first dish looks beyond flippen good!
and I agree again w/ ms. Nikki..
I too have missed ramen noodles!!! I often try and just season them up w/ o the packet..

Kris said...

OMG, that tempeh just sent my slightly hungry tummy over the edge! That is comfort food, indeed!

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

looks all so delicious. hope you feel better soon!

Dr. Melissa West said...

I agree, eat whatever makes you feel better. Hope you feel better soon.

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

thank you all again and again for the well wishes. i finally feel like a healthy version of me.

i'm hoping this means that i will be up for trying all kinds of new recipes in the very near future.

the mexican hot chocolate is reeeally simple but i wouldn't have thought to ever make it! my favorite find in the native food cookbook is the tempeh preparation and the tempeh pate. yum!