Friday, July 27, 2007


Yup, the ol' vegan standby.This is Dreena's Creamy Hummus from Vive. Would you believe that, before now, I'd never made hummus before? Well, correction. I did attempt to make it once upon a time with some internet recipe and my trusty food processor. In that endeavor I remember the skins of the chickpeas never seemed to get processed really well. The flavor was eh, the texture all wrong. But this? This is soooooo very good.

Thanks to Dreena's combo of ingredients (tho I admit it took me just short of forever to get my hands on some toasted sesame oil rather than plain ol sesame oil...biiiig difference) and my favorite kitchen appliance, this*, I now have hummus that I enjoy more than any other. It's flavorful and light and oh so very creamy.
I've had it just like you see above for lunch every couple of days using up whatever veggies look like they wanna volunteer. Cucumber, organic carrots, and warmed whole wheat pita is easily my favorite combo tho, and I now sprinkle a healthy dose of paprika on top before enjoying.

I'm looking forward to adding different ingredients to this now sure to be staple at our house.

*In coveting this item for just short of forever I managed to swipe it via for only $29.99 when they had a sale. keep your eye on that, folks. it's worth every penny of full price, but who doesn't love a bargain that good? ;) Thanks to Susan for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha--I got the same kitchen appliance at the same price after a tip from Susan V too! It is great, isn't it? I am glad you made hummus and that you are loving it--there is nothing like homemade hummus, in my opinion...


Lori- the Pleasantly Plump Vegan said...

yep, my trusty emulsion blender is one of my favorite kitchen tools.
also, some of my favorite things to add to hummus is green onions, roasted garlic and/or parsley. curry powder or cumin is nice too.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

mmmm, hummus!! I have yet to make my own - I'm sure it's much tastier than store-bought hummus

Vegan_Noodle said...

Mmmmm is right. I love that recipe as well. You should definitely check out some of her variations (like the peanut sesame hummus) from the everday dish dvd, they are amazing.

Sheree' said...

As you can tell I am finding all kinds of goodies on your blog. Now I have to make me some of this hummus too! Yea, cooking today!!!