Monday, September 17, 2007

The Meme Game

Edited to add: tried to post this while away with no luck...but here ya go. I was welcoming my new little nephew, Hylan Stone. He is perfect in every way, and I miss him already!I am not at my own computer to blog of my food and incorporate pictures. What better time to join in the fun and put up my response to the meme that Vegan Noodle tagged me for?! In this meme, you use the letters of your first or middle name to describe yourself with a word.

I don't use my name here and my middle name, Lee, would be entirely too I'll use a nickname that my friends and family have been known to call me....

B - is bumbling fool. I am quite possibly the clumsiest person you've never met. seriously. my dad made me wear my shoes in the house as a kid so I'd stop stubbing my toes on things all the time. i seem to have a knack for walking into things, dropping stuff, tripping over my own feet, it's amazing i don't lose little appendages with all my time in the kitchen. honestly, the only time in my life i felt like I'd conquered my clumsiness was as a wildlife rehabber. when it comes to wranglin wild critters? I've got mad ninja skills...but those cages and enclosures and sharp pet food cans? I've been known to have to spend hours upon hours in the ER for encounters with those inanimate things.

R - in to the earth. I'm a terra firma girl. Ironically, as the Cap'n is jet pilot extraordinaire. I? am a true-blue white-knuckled flier. i hate being sucked thru the air in a heap o' metal and am not all that happy out at sea...tho stick me in my kayak on a river and i never wanna leave. but generally, I'd rather be buried alive than forced to bungee jump.

E - Enigmatic. But this is only if you meet me in person and i happen to be rambling on about one of the many things I am passionate about. this is due, I've no doubt, to the fact that my mouth tries desperately to keep up with my brain causing me to attack your ears with a verbal onslaught at breakneck many words per minute it can make your head spin. hehe

E- Empathic. I'm what you call 'a sensitive'. I used to think maybe i teetered on the brink of depression at all times. then i realized that i just choose not to be hardened or desensitized to the bad things in the world that surround us. my heart is broken continuously at the volumes of atrocities all around us...but I truly believe that is by carving away at you with sorrow that one will have the capacity to then fill those spaces with equal joy.

Z - ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz....I sleep late. typically, i won't rise before nine to ten a.m. in my defense? i also don't hit the pillow til maybe two or three in the morning. I'm a night owl, always have been.

Y - (boy, my nickname is quite challenging for this meme!) think I'll go with Yearn. i currently yearn for a LOT of things. i yearn to sell our house. i yearn for family and friends closer by and a sense of community. i yearn to start a garden and a business. i yearn to finally get started on those children's book ideas I've been kicking around for ages. I'm full of great intention and am working on the follow thru.

I'm not gonna tag anyone as I won't be home til after Sunday to check in with everyone's blogs. If you wanna play along, please do! I promise to come back with what I've been whipping up for me and my fam while away. When you're out in the country with nothing but Food Lion to stock your 'fridge you really get in touch with your simplest vegan creations....but at least my grocery bill was cheeeeee-eeeeeeap!

Be back soon!


Vegan_Noodle said...

What an adorable new nephew you have!
How fun reading more about you! How did you get your nickname breezy? My nickname in college was noodle (hence vegan_noodle), my friend starting calling me that because she thought I was skinny like a noodle. Strange.
I am a clutz too :-) Hope you get all the things you yearn for and more!!

moi + toi PHOTOGRAPHIE said...

Oh he is beauitful!!

bazu said...

Good to read more about you- I especially empathize with empathy (ha ha...). I also find that I'm ultra-sensitive- it doesn't matter if it's animal or human, real or fiction, the sight or idea of suffering hits me very deep every time. Like you, I realize it's not something "wrong" with me, but rather that I can use this trait for good.

Anonymous said...

he is so cute!!

laura k said...

Loved the meme... and I love the nickname too!

You remind me of me, actually--I related to most of the things you said. It's so fun to get to know bloggers in these neat little ways, and I'm glad you participated!