Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Anniversary Dinner

Ya see, 13 years ago on Valentine's eve, the Cap'n invited me to accompany him and some friends to the beach after work. We'd met and worked, back in the day, at a local college town pizza joint. I could think of nothing more fun to do than to drive the hour and a half with new friends to a beach i adored but had yet to explore much of. Long story shorter than it could be, everyone else bailed but us. We spent the day (after slumbering in the car upon our arrival) climbing rocks, collecting shells, and sharing life stories on a beautiful inlet. That Feb. 14 marked the day that each of us decided we would never settle for anything less wonderful, less spectacular than the friend we'd found in one another.

Thirteen years later we're the most blissfully married couple I know and spent this VDay with a quiet night in, a home cooked meal and a great movie/documentary, Who Killed The Electric Car* (nothing says I Love You more than putting a doc on your Netflix list that will spark in each of you a shared desire to stamp all out all things unjust. Thanks, baby!). hehe

On the menu?
Vegan Planet's Thyme Scented Wild Mushroom BisqueThis may not photograph well but is my new favorite soup. Making the stock a day ahead is a smart move and the rest comes together easy enough. I really need to think about getting a hand blender tho since my last one just broke into pieces after being used just twice!

Also from Vegan Planet, Spinach and Asian Pear Salad with Warm Walnut Vinaigrette
Not my favorite salad dressing, but we LOVE Asian pears and spinach is always yummy

Next, to commemorate the thing that brought us together in the first place, PIZZA!I tried out La Dolce Vegan's pizza crust as it's herbed and easy and topped it with a simple jarred red sauce, VwaV's Tofu Basil Ricotta, quartered artichoke hearts (there's the obligatory heart in our meal! ;) and black olives. So good!

For dessert?
from Veg. Times' March issue, Vegan Choc. Mousse (using mango and avocado and a splash of rum, yum!) in Ginger/Maple cups. I served with fresh blueberries and a strawberry and a sprinkling of toasted coconut on top! I love that you can eat something so decadent and rich and not feel crazy full and icky when you're all done!

So glad to see everyone elses' VDay creations. Hope everyone had a wonderful day/night! I've a bunch of other food odds and ends to catch up on, but thought I'd just share this one for now. Have a great weekend!

*Go rent this movie!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet V-Day story and celebration! Your meal looks exquisite.

laura k said...

Wow, that is a lovely story--what a special day for you! Your meal is beautiful. I love the pizza with the artichoke hearts, how sweet!

scottishvegan said... romantic!! Love the chocolate looks yum!

Freedom said...

Wow, congrats on your happy lives together so far and I hope you have many many more. You remind me of my parents!
Food all looks scrummy too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly sure why, but your post mad me teary happy. Thank you.

THE WALK-IN said...

What a great thing to be able to share with each other every year! I wish you many more years of happiness...and gotta try that desert!

Matt and Bobbie said...

That pizza looks amazing! As does the dessert, salad and soup! And what a sweet story to go along with it, I hope you have many more happy years together.

aTxVegn said...

What a great story! I hope you two enjoy endless more Valentine's Days together.

Your meal sounds fantastic. I am imagining all those flavors and how well they worked together. And you definitely outdid yourself on the dessert.

urban vegan said...

Happy belated V Day and Anniversary. You sound blissfullly wed and I;m glad you've found your soul mates in each other.

The food looks absolutely wonderful, nurturing and festive.

Amey said...

oh! What a cute valentine anniversary story! it's so sweet and romantic. :) I also saw those tasty desserts in veg times and recall that they caught my eye.

Linda said...

what an adorable pastry chair!

Harmonia said...

wonderful pics! Makes me hungry...and want to go on vacation! lol

Candi said...

Oooh wow. Your story. <3 You are both SO lucky and I'm so so happy for you both. Thank you for sharing that with all of us; it's so great to hear and so inspiring to remind people not to settle for less.

The food looks SO wonderful. I'd want to marry you too! Lol! I love the fact that you included pizza again. You are so sweet. The salad and soup look great! I've never made a mushroom bisque, but you and I seem to have the same taste lots of times, so I bet I'd love it!!

What a creative dessert! So adorable. You've made the perfect Valentine's/Anniversary dinner!!! I'm glad you had a nice time!
:) :)

Melissa said...

The soup? Looks amazing. I love me some mushrooms. The dessert? Looks heavenly. The married couple? My favorite one.

Anonymous said...

what a cute story! love the food!

Anonymous said...

I do love pizza Bry-I'm still looking though.