Sunday, February 11, 2007

Vegan Biscuits...Oh Yes, I Can!

I've never had much luck with vegan biscuit recipes. They typically fall short, often literally, being flat, or too dense, or not flavorful enough. I figured it was me, that I had yet to master the art of carefully blending the ingredients without overworking them.
But then, in thumbing thru my copy of How It All Vegan, I came across Fancy Biscuits. Having some fresh Dill in the 'fridge from my recent tempeh pate making, I knew I had to try these. Sooo glad I did! I've been enjoying them with Fauxsage Gravy for days and some fruit and LOVING it!They're tasty, light, they fluff up in the pan like a muffin but have the texture and taste of biscuits, which I've always loved. They paired amazingly well with the spicy gravy and are incredible on their own with just a touch of EB.

The Cap'n likes his Fauxsage free with just a bit of gravy (whole wheat flour, nutri. yeast, water/broth/soy milk, tamari, paprika, onion powder, sea salt, and black pepper, all to taste)but i love to dump in a whole mess of the fauxsage crumbles that Isa's come up with in VwaV.


Linda said...

these look so comfort-foody -- exactly what i need with these snow threats!

Anonymous said...

yum. that looks great! delicioso