Friday, July 27, 2007

How NOT to Lose Ten Pounds in a Hurry...

1. Break out VWaV and make these with the oranges ya bought that are just this side of not entirely sweet enough. 2. Go to have one for breakfast day two and realize that there are four staring back at you on the plate. Yeah, Isa's recipe makes 12...and the Cap'n wasn't even home to try them!

3. On day three, even after this lil' vermin has torn thru the bag they're in (don't let her cute 'lookit me all snuggly in the warm laundry' thing she's got goin on fool ya. this lil girl will fight you for your food every time) and licked the glaze off of two of them, devour the last two with a cup o' tea for breakfast.

4. A few days later, put off your workout and make these puppies on a whim.

5. Eat one (or two!) with every meal until they're gone.

I know someone who's gonna have to run a lot harder in the coming weeks.

I'd been wanting to make the scones forever as they were always my favorite treat before going vegan. These are honestly better than any I'd ever had before. Just a little bit lighter and less dry than most and the flavor is subtle but still perfectly orange-y.

This time, I made the cookies from here with walnuts, chocolate chips, and about a quarter cup of raisins this time making them extra chewy and good.
As these use oats and whole wheat flour as their base they're not the worst cookies you could make but that cup of sugar is something I should surely work on replacing with something else.

We currently have two very ripe bananas just crying out to be made into banana bread or a creamy pudding but with my current wave of unhealthy treats I'm wanting something healthier. Any suggestions?
Gimme your healthiest banana bread recipe even and maybe I'll just run with that!


Christine said...

I'm not a scone fan, but even I think those look delicious!!

Your posts on soy curls have me intrigued... they look kind of creepy, but you use them a bit so they must be tasty, right? I'm still on the fence about buying some.

Cherry said...

Have you ever tried the Banana Cookies( from Vegan Lunchbox blog? They're so healthy, and basically taste like banana bread in cookie form. Also, you could freeze them and make banana "ice cream."

KleoPatra said...

Fun post. Kitty is clever, no?!!?

Sometimes ya gotta give in to your snacking desires, life is short!

Banana bread?! Mmmmmm!!

How about this one?!

Or my buddy Vicki's:

Anonymous said...

Whenever I have banans on the verge I cut them into inch long pieces and freeze them on a small cookie sheet. Once frozen I place them all in a ziplock baggie and use them in smoothies or bread or whatever else when I need bananas. That way there's no pressure to hurry up and make something with them.

laura k said...

LOL - You sound like me! Oh well, if you're going to splurge, you picked the best way to do it!

Anonymous said...

oh those yummy scones *drools*
i think i've only had one scone in my life (pre-vegan days, so long ago) so maybe i should try making them at some point.

i've been baking cookies like a mad-woman lately, but fortunately, i've just been pawning them off at work and away from my home to prevent me (and my hubby) from eating them.

i'd share a delicious banana bread recipe, but frankly i don't think it would be "healthier" than any other!