Thursday, September 14, 2006

Eazy Pizza

Last night it was reeeeally late before I even thought to make something for dinner. I'd had a huge salad for lunch and snacked on some falafel and then leftover seitan nuggest in the afternoon. Even tho we've a 'fridge full of leftovers right now I had a hankering for some pizza. So much that, while in town today, I stopped by Mother Earth to be sure to stock up on Follow Your Heart's Moz. Style 'Cheese' (Oh, Publix, what are you waiting for? Carry this wonderful food, already! those other brands are just blech!).
The result?

The easiest Pizza around. I just topped some (really incredible, a great find!) multi grain (wheat, flax, corn, barley, oat, rye) flatbread that I recently thought to try

(these were great for tofurkey roll up sandwhiches we brought to the beach the other day, too!)

with a bit of jarred tomato sauce (ingredients: imported italian plum tomatoes, imported italian olive oil, fresh onions, fresh garlic, fresh basil, fresh parsley, salt and spices..tho, i don't know how 'fresh' they all are now :), and i'm not entirely happy with the sodium content - 560mg in half a cup! i only used about 2Tbs for the pizza and usually buy sauce going on ingredients and how much sugar is in each serving, in this case only 3g per half cup). Topped the whole thing with leftover steamed garlic broccoli from the other night and a little oregano for some extra good flavor.

Not an exciting meal, I know, but it hit the spot, was light but satisfying, and totally quelched the pizza craving that was nagging at me all day. I can never seem to get my FYH 'cheese' to melt before the pizza crust starts to brown too much to leave it in longer, but it melts just enough to blend with the other flavors.

This weekend I plan on making Isa's pizza crust from VwaV and doing the pizza thang all over again (tho I'm gonna make mine whole wheat).


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I see you got the memo that it was pizza night last night ;-)

Anonymous said...

that cheese will melt if you throw it in the broiler