Saturday, September 16, 2006

No Time?

If you know me, you know I'm an advocate of freshly made foods from whole ingredients. I avoid as much proccessed stuff as I can.

That said, when you've had a long day of frantically cleaning and then letting prospective buyers trapse thru your house hoping they don't notice that time that the newly rescued 80 lb yellow lab puppy tried to chew her way out of the laundry room or that steamy showers are all but causing the expensinve wallpaper to roll right off the walls (why do people still wallpaper bathrooms?!?) or that you've adopted a 'natural floridian wild' look in your flower beds in lieu of regular's so nice to have friends like Amy.

this one? soooo good. and with ingredients that include only organic vegetables, legumes, rice, safflower oil, tomato paste, sea salt, and yummy spices without a single chemical, preservative, or other such ingredient that you'd come across only in chemistry class i don't feel bad about enjoying dinner by Amy from time to time...At. All. In fact, this korma dish, her non-dairy bean burritos, and the tofu scrambles are quick fixes that I almost keep in our freezer....just in case.

'sides, this stuff's not so much 'processed' as it is whipped up, frozen, packaged, and sent out. I think I'm really against the packaging more than anything else! Can't they just put all that info on the clear wrap and at least eliminate the box altogether?!

Behold! the beauty that was this delectable dinner last night when I was entirely too tired to cook a third meal....

The flavor is great with just enough heat. Look! You can even see the mustard seeds in there. Yum!

Oh, and those carboard boxes they come in? I save 'em up and cut out shapes that kids deocrate as holiday ornaments at a wildlife refuge fundraiser each year that I volunteer for. Every little bit helps!

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