Sunday, September 24, 2006

Great Spread for some Great Friends

Last night we had a couple of our best friends over for dinner and the Gator game (Go Gators!). As we live about as far from civilization as I can stand and entirely too far away from our friends it was really nice to prepare a dinner for all of us.

Sadly, I was having so much fun reconnecting, I didn't remember to take photos of the food!! Until dessert, that is. Here's VwaV's No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bottom Pie (or something like that ;)

If you are a fan of all things PB and Chocolate, like me? And you haven't tried this recipe? DO IT. Soooo good! Sadly, it did not hold up as well when cut as it did turn out pretty, but that is entirely my fault.

I'd never used agar before (outside of biology class, anyway) and when I boiled the agar in water I got a LOT more than Isa said I would. What did I do? I took the amount she said I would have (1/3 c.) and put in 2/3 c. soy milk into the filling. What I should have done, tho, is figure out how much agar I had made and put in all that (it just seemed like sooo much!) and then put in however much soy milk made it all up to 1c. You know, just like she said to do! :) Now I know. Good thing is? It doesn't affect the taste at. all. It is creamy and just sweet enough to feel super decadent.

I couldn't find any chocolate cookies at the store that were vegan so I grabbed a box of those 100 calore packs of Oreo flavored crisp cookies. While the throwing away of the box and all those packets nearly killed me (I reeeally loathe wasteful packaging), I did end up with the exact amount of crumbs necessary to make the crust (which is divine, btw).

Oh, and I'd also never made a makeshift double boiler before (always relied on the micro and risked scorching) and it worked out wonderfully for melting the chocolate for the bottom and drizzled on top. Can't believe I didn't throw a bowl on top of a small saucepan sooner!

Last night's dinner I jumped on the Stroganoff bandwagon and make VwaV's Setain/Port. version on some whole wheat penne. I served it with Garlicky Roasted Brussel Sprouts (truly my new fav veggie side dish) and the most beloved Caesar Salad. For lunch today, the Cap'n and I enjoyed Stroganoff leftovers, his:

and mine, with a dallop of Toffuti sour cream....just 'cause.

One more quick note about my second homemade seitan making. The first time around I wasn't in love with the veggie broth I used and thought I would have to try something different next time. This time, I used some vegan onion soup mix that I added water to and then cooled in the 'fridge. The flavor was sooo much better this time, and really blended well with the Stroganoff recipe.

I've been informed by everyone that this meal? A keeper that needs to make repeat appearances! The Cap'n says I should make it for his family next time we do dinner with them...and that is one big, shiny star of approval. :)


Anonymous said...

OMG - that dessert looks beautiful! Your guests must have been so impressed. I know I am. You have convinced me...I know how to make that dish. I love PB and Choc combinations of any kind.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet compliment from the Cap'n regarding your stroganoff. The pie looks really pretty.

I can totally sympathize with living in the boonies. We're pretty rural here in TN and sometimes it makes me a little sad.

laura k said...

That pie looks sooo good--now I must remove it from my mind so that I'm not tempted to make it myself! :)

madeinalaska said...

ohhh me oh my that pb and chocolate looks soo flippen awesome are you a pro or what? I too am betting your guest were floored! what I wouldn't do for a bite of that goodness right now!!

Yup.. that vwav's stroganoff is to DIE FOR isn't it? I made it a while back and will be making it again for sure! I had to make some adjustments but, it was all good!
take care,

bazu said...

You know, I hated stroganoff before becoming a vegan (something so unholy about beef and cream together) but it may be time to revisit it as a vegan. I'm sure it would taste different- and good!
I can't stop staring at that dessert. The swirls are hypnotizing.

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

thank you!!! and here i was all disgruntled with myself about the agar mishap...i remember looking at the pictures thinking, 'pretty! but what's with the willy nilly all over the place design? would it have killed me to, i dunno, pay attention? :) now i just think it's more fun this way.

i never ate stroganoff in my life, not as a meat eater. it never appealed to me either. as a veggie, i used to make a mushroom version from Lipton Stroganoff noodles but EW! so processed and bad for you. This recipe is so amazing! Really yummy! I totally recommend it if you've never been won over by the idea before.

oh, and pie update. there's only half left and i'm the only one eating it. this cannot be good. i really need to stick to savory...and away from sweet! :)