Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seitan Nuggets

When I recently made the Jerk Seitan, I found I only needed to use up about half the seitan that I made that day (actually, even half the jerk seitan made it to the freezer for an easy meal in the future!). The remaining seitan was frozen until two days ago, when I took it out to thaw, unsure of what I would be doing with it.

As I'd cut the seitan into small peices, I thought it would be fun to make a sort of nugget out of them. Lots of folks have blogged about different piccata recipes, so I snagged a quick one from
VegCooking. I breaded the seitan my own way. It was already wet so coated it lightly with a mixture of unbleached flour/sea salt/pepper/oregano, then dipped it in soy milk (Silk's plain lite is my favorite) then back in the flour.

I then pan fried them in my beloved iron skillet until they were golden brown.

Topped with the piccata sauce and served with some leftover quinoa hash and steamed garlic broccoli, it was an excellent, filling, and quick meal. Sorry, there's no pic of the whole meal as our camera battery was exhausted and needed recharging!

Not sure if I'd use piccata sauce for these again. It was alright, but I think that my seitan was more beefy than a mock chicken style. I'd like to try to make a lighter version for sauces like piccata. While good, these nuggets might be great for dipping in a mustard or bbq sauce in the future. I plan to play with them a bit and see what I can come up with.

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