Friday, September 15, 2006

Salad Days

Today's blog, surprisingly, is not about salad. I thought it would be. I was so looking forward to a big spinach salad with peppers, cukes, pumpkin seeds, carrot, raisins, pine nuts, and some homemade viniagrette that I've been dreaming up. Sounds good, right?

Then the cap'n told me about the e. coli scare that's got everyone tossing their bagged greens in the trash and I just couldn't bring myself to unbag the spinach and eat it. Suddenly, it looked 'off' to me. Honestly, I've noticed that the greens at the grocery store have been looking less than wonderful as of late and it just makes me even more anxious to move back to Gainesville where I can join the CSA and enjoy places like Wards, the downtown market, and the the upcoming Whole Foods. Until then, I think I'll be switching to more romaine and leaf lettuce that I can buy unpackaged.

So what ended up on the menu today for lunch?

About a month ago (pre dgmgv) I made a batch of Dreena's Celebrity Adzuki Bean Patties from Vive le Vegan (yum!). As we only ate a couple that night, the rest froze quite nicely and heat up on the skillet in minutes for a hearty lunch! They are fantastic, so tasty!

I eat 'em two at a time since I form the patties a little thin so they're not so mushy. Here, they sandwhich some slices of vine-ripened tomato and are topped with a bit of veganaise and chopped sweet onion on a sprouted whole grain bun.

I love to slather the bottom half (or anything, really) with this:

Mmmmmmm, this is my MOST favorite condiment. It's basically really good mustard packed with loads of nutritional yeast. I get mine from here.

I'm still craving something green and am kicking myself for polishing off the last of my roasted brussel sprouts last night. I see a salad in my future tomorrow, for sure!


Anonymous said...

Yes, after some unpleasant GI issues, I've come to the conclusion that salads from bags and fast food places are best avoided. The adzuki bean patties look good, although I have no idea what an adzuki bean is. Being a vegan must introduce you to a lot of new and interesting foods you'd otherwise not come across. Either that, or I'm even more ignorant than I realized when it comes to food. :-)

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

so sad, too 'cause i'm one to stock up on bagged spinach as they don't sell it any other way 'round here. sigh.

sent you some info on adzuki's. black beans substitute nicely, but they are truly their own little gem of a bean.

yup, this vegan thing makes eating more fun than i could ever imagine (and here, all those years, i thought i knew everything as a vegetarian! :).

you, my friend, are ignorant about nothin'. always willing to learn. you're quite the gem yerself!