Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tropical Ice Dream (my turn!)

I'm a chiquita banana
And I'm here to say
That this Ice Dream concoction
I could eat every day
My tastebuds thank Gaia, Vivacious Vegan too...
I now offer this treat to YOU!Ok, so maybe I wasn't singing the correct song...but seriously? This stuff is amazing! I'd tried it with blueberries and vanilla after originally seeing Gaia's blog, then Crystal reminded me that everything's better with flax meal (LOVE the golden flax meal in and sprinkled on smoothies) for when I next tried Gaia's pineapple version. You almost can't believe it's a healthy way to start your day, it's so good!

It truly made me wish I were in the islands (pictured here, dreaming of St. Kitts)But then I realized, Hey! I live in veritable subtropical paradise! and happily enjoyed the rest of it (and a very fine morning) in the favorite 'room' of our house, the back patio....what a breakfast, and what a view!

Happy weekend, everybody!


Anonymous said...

I love the term Ice Dream! Yummmm! Sounds like your weekend started off just right! Hope the rest of it is as wonderful.

urban vegan said...

I like your song, ice dream and fantastic view. What a cute kity, too.

KleoPatra said...

YUMMY! That looks good! And i love the photos also!!! Meowza to the cat. I like your blog, keep up the good work.

Candi said...

LOL! I laughed at that photo of the awesome ice dream in from of the St. Kitts photo! LOL! I agree that your backyard is a great place to sit and begin your weekend!!! Such a beautiful view! *pets kitty*

Your ice dream looks great, and the song is too funny! I just bought bananas and will be doing someething Chiquita-like or Copa-banana-like with them! :P

Oh! I had to tell you that I tried the kale mashed potatoes you blogged about. Oh my goodness... my new favorite food. I LOVE them!! I was thanking you as I ate dinner. LOL!

laura k said...

The ice dream looks incredible, and I would enjoy it twice as much on that lovely patio of yours! And while "Copa Cabana" is a fine song to sing, I think yours works just as well.

Love flax meal....

Mary said...

That looks so yummy! I will have to try making some "ice cream" for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

What a fun here via Eat Air, glad I stopped by.

I LOVE the name of your blog.


Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

vv- i swear i must have stole that from somewhere, entirely too clever to be all my idea :) weekend was wonderful, thank you!!!

urbanv- thx. that one's CJ, our only non-neurotic feline. he loves hangin with me on the patio. such a sweetie!

kleo-thanks! and merow back to you! :)

candi- hehe. it was so silly, really. I was sitting there taking that picture (as it sits on our bar right next to the kitchen) and I thougt, 'you dummy! go outside! it's beautiful right here!' :)
glad you loved the potatoes. I just finished off the last of ours yesterday. they're perfect even as leftovers! i love that kale doesn't get gross in the fridge after a couple of days.

laura- i always put flax meal in shakes and forgot how tasty it is all on its own!

mary- you really should! it's such a great idea, i can never get over the amazing texture every time I make it!

geraldine- so glad you stopped by! I love Eat Air's blog, check it daily. always such good stuff! Loves yours as well, but blogger is giving me some trouble commenting on some blogs but not others. strange. and thanks so much, i'm quite fond of it, m'self. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful !
I think it's time to "Invent" "Middle of the Afternoon Ice Dream" LOL

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Yum! Looks so good! And the kitty's very cute!

And the Green Goddess potatoes (I know, further down) - THOSE look incredible! woo!