Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feeding My Mom and a Quick Sick Fix

The Cap'n and I just returned from a quick visit with my family in VA. While there I delighted my veggie mom with a few of my favorite things to eat. For dinner Sat, she and I had the Soba Noodle Salad I'm so fond of (sans the soybeans) and a side of Dreena's Lemon Herb Tofu made into a salad with a bit of Vegannaise and stuffed in romaine boats (this is my favorite way to eat it!!!). While I couldn't convince the rest of my omnivorous family members to try the tofu, they did all enjoy a bit of the Soba Salad and the vegan breakfast the next morning.

Mom's got the only shot of VwaV's tofu frittata, so when she emails it to me I'll be sure to share. We had it with a side of the Tempeh bacon from VwaV and some herbed roasted red potatoes.

My family's great in supporting my food choices and were extremely accomodating as finding somewhere to 'do lunch' together where they live can be quite a venture! We hit the Mellow Mushroom one georgeous day and I got to sit outside with the ones I love and relish a divine tempeh hoagie (hold the mayo and cheese, please!) loaded with avacado, sprouts, mushrooms, and onions on a whole wheat roll. The tempeh is marinated in some sort of teryaki sauce so with the added creamy avocado, there was no need for condiments. yum! Unfortunately, we were having such a good time, I never did take pictures of my meal there. Suffice it to say that, once we move back to Gville, the Mellow Mushroom there will gain a new patron in me!

During our flight home, I began to get a horrible headache and the chills. We made it home some time around eleven to find that I was running a mild temperature. That part is better today, but I'm feeling all 'round icky. soar throat, achey chest, reeeeally sleepy. so, for lunch, i decided to try out one of my more recent finds at my favorite place to shop for pantry items: Vegan Essentials. I LOVE that place! It's where I stock up on bars, Nutritional Yeast, Agave Nectar, you name it. They're really reasonably priced and the stuff comes super quick. Today, I was so happy to have purchased this:

ProBar's Whole Berry Blast Bar
It's made with all kinds of (raw) nuts, seeds, and fruits and has plenty of calories to replace a meal. typically, this would be great for lunch while hiking or kayaking, but definitely hit the spot when i was too tired and icky to make anything in need of being prepared. The flavor is great (which is saying something when everything tastes yucky like it does to me right now), the texture is just what I want from a bar, AND it's packed with 550mg of Omaga 3's and 1820mg of Omega 6's! I also love that the sweetness comes from fruits and fruit syrups and does not fall back on chocolate to make it yummy. I always hate that about nutrition bars.

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Anonymous said...

I loooove vegan essentials... I try out new stuff whenever I order from there... I mostly just go for the junk food though... and they have the tied for greatest gummy bears i've ever tasted... they're actually more like gummy bears mixed with sour patch kids... I order them in bulk whenever I can but they're usually out... my omni friend looooves them better then regular ones... and they're organic!