Monday, June 25, 2007

Sweet Dreams

For the last few nights, and likely every night to follow, I have been enjoying the perfect ending to each day...thanks to the suggestion by my most wonderful husband.

You, too, can enjoy the fruits of the Cap'n's boundless wisdom. Here's how:

1. Take frosty pint glass from freezer.

2. Slowly pour almond milk* into glass, being careful to rotate glass so as to allow the milk to run down it's frosty surface to the bottom.

3. Set glass down and wait....just a min.

4. Slowly sip chilled liquid.

5. When getting toward the end of your beverage, sling that baby back and let the almond sludge glide down your glass and onto your palate.

6. make that satisfying '*gulp* aaaaahhhhhhh' sound while a chilly exhale escapes you and set down empty glass with total satisfaction and sheer delight.

7. repeat every night thereafter.

I'll tell him you said thanks. ;)

*we currently buy Almond Breeze's original (plain) almond milk. I haven't tried many, but it's my absolute favorite. I reeeeally want to start making it myself, tho. Especially after enjoying it this way. I can't imagine a homemade, fresh version wouldn't just be even better. It seems very straightforward and appears to be just a matter of soaking, blending, and straining. Anyone make their own and have any tips? I assuming the leftover pulp can also be used in all kinds of ways!


Rose said...

That sounds like a really good suggestion. I have yet to try Almond Breeze. Right now, I drink Vanilla Soymilk and I love it but I'm trying to be more open to other types of milks.

PamelaCooks said...

thanks for the comments! I'm adding you to my links!

Anonymous said...

I use the almond breeze too--isn't it great? Sorry, no tips on making almond milk yourself, but I would love to know how it turns out if you try it!


Judy said...

I use Almond Breeze as well, and I just started using the unsweetened version which is only 40calories per cup! I have wondered about making my own, of course I'm far too lazy to actually try!

laura k said...

I love Almond Breeze--mmm! I've never made almond milk myself... it'd be fun to try someday, but for me right now soy milk is just more affordable!

aTxVegn said...

I love Almond Breeze too! I would LOVE to try to make my own almond milk, but haven't yet. I've heard that raw almonds are not going to be available for too much longer, so if we're going to make our own, we should hurry.

Jayme said...

Hi there,
Just started reading your blog a week ago and really enjoy it!
I looooove almond milk and I think that nothing tastes better than homemade for sure.
Soak 1 c. of almonds overnight or for 6 hours. drain and rinse. Blend with 4 cups of water about 2 min. Strain with a sprout bag, this works the best. Or layered cheese cloth etc.. I pour mine in a hemp sprout bag and let it hang above a bowl while I do whatever else come back, milk the bag. Put back in blender with a little salt, non-refined sugar to taste, vanilla if you want, but not for me.A Little coconut oil for those extra creamy days. Add water to desired richness, makes me about 6 cups. Use the remaining paste in whatever, baked goods, breakfast cereal etc... I also make homemade oat milk and rice milk alternately with the almond milk. Homemade is best!

KleoPatra said...

GREAT!! And i'm huge on Almond Breeze!!

erica said...

I make almond milk, but raw. I don't know how if it works the same with cooked almonds, and they'll be pasteurizing all almonds (and marking them raw). Generally soaking is done overnight to create a smoother texture and turn off the enzyme inhibitors, then you whir it in the blender forever 1 part almonds to 3 parts milk. Add some dates, agave, or whatever sweetener you like. Strain with a nut milk bag or cheesecloth (but a nut milk bag is 10x easier to manipulate), and milk the bag just like an udder :P

Alternately, soaked cashews and sesame seeds makes a delicious milk that is high in calcium. Or any nut you like. I believe brazil nuts don't require soaking for nut milk.