Friday, June 15, 2007

Vegans & Breakfast

It's no secret that breakfast can be the trickiest meal for vegans when away from home. There's inevitably eggs or dairy in any menu option available. This is just another reason i adore having overnight guests, so that I may delight their awakening taste buds with yummy breakfast goodness that is 100% vegan.

After a much needed small dinner party with friends we wanted to catch up with (gnocchi with homemade red sauce & 'Shroom Fondue, sauteed garlic broccoli, oven roasted carrots, and LDV's Easy French Bread...of course, we were having entirely too much fun for me to remember to snap any pics), I had time in the morning to wake them with this...
VWaV's Fronch Toast (made from the leftover French Bread) with fresh strawberries, bananas, maple syrup (not pictured), and cake flour (what? it looked just like powdered sugar in the canister and nobody even noticed til I went to put away the excess. hehe) & and Susan's crustless mini quiches with spinach and sun dried tomato.

I think this may be my favorite flavor combination for these quiches. If you've yet to try this recipe, what are you waiting for! They are seriously better than you could imagine.

the Easy French Bread from LDV is perfect for the Fronch Toast....even if it doesn't have a chance to get stale, just slice and put in a 350 oven for a few minutes to get it just right before dipping.

Here's my plate. Even I cringe that we broke out the paper plates, but it was that kind of morning. sigh. Doesn't that cake flour look good! hehe. I did think, 'wow, these aren't too sweet, nice!' never realizing the error and no one mentioned a thing! funny.

Lucky for me, we had the pleasure of hosting breakfast not just for our veg and omni friends sat morning but a vegan and his omni traveling companion Sunday morning as they'd stopped by the night before (yay for unexpected friends who know they can count on you when weary, traveling, and in dire need of a comfy bed and a good meal before they continue their journey homeward!)

I whipped up something I'd yet to try. Never a big fan of pancakes before I never saw much use in all the vegan pancake recipes out there. But VWaV's pancake recipe with blueberries made me a pancake lover for life. These are entirely too good. I used the optional cinnamon and it is just amazing how great they enhance the flavor.
We enjoyed them with leftover quiches and I sent them back on the road, rested and fed. It occurs to me that running a B&B for vegans is totally right up my alley. Or maybe I'll call it a V&B? ;)


Anonymous said...

Yum--can I come over for breakfast too?! Everything looks amazing. And I love that you put cake flour on your french toast! That is too funny--it reminds me of the time I made an apple pie with cumin rather than cinnamon...luckily I DID notice that one before it was too late!


Monika K said...

I need someone to make me a breakfast like that every morning! This post was just the motivation I needed to try Susan's quiches - thanks for sharing. Cheers!

Judy said...

I love breakfast, with french toast and pancakes and quiche! A vegan B&B is a fantastic idea - get on that!

LisaJean119 said...

Oh wow...the quiches look awesome! I am such a fan of sun dried tomatoes!!! Oh, so you didn't realize it wasn't powdered sugar? heeeh... looks good though!

Anonymous said...

lol flour in the toast!

the food looks very good! i will love to wake up with a breakfast like that!

laura k said...

How I love breakfast food! Seriously, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day to cook (though not to eat on the road, 'cause you're right about it being a nightmare for vegans sometimes). Looks like you treated your friends to a fab spread - cake flour and all! Next time do I get an invite?

Anonymous said...

Hooray for vegan breakfast! I just had a big breakfast post too ;-)

Anonymous said...


you are truly the best friend I've ever had, I love this funny. If you ever open a bed & breakfast (say St. Aug/Crescent Beach area) I'd be there in a heart beat!

Much love,

you know who

* I tried to recreate the Quiches with the lack of a muffin pan, cornstarch, and cashew butter...

nowhere near as good, but hey what can you do?

...sorry for the longest comment ever