Sunday, June 24, 2007


This summer weather's got Bar-B-Q on my brain, but my favorite marinated tofu on the grill will have to wait until...well...we get a new grill. Until then, roasting everything I can get my hands on will work just fine ;) This particular night we had roasted organic carrots (w/ garlic, sea salt, pepper, and thyme), roasted cauliflower (w/garlic, sea salt, and pepper), roasted mini-yukon potatoes & onions (w/garlic, sea salt, pepper, rosemary,and thyme) and served with some quinoa, using a veg. based broth to cook in instead of water with a bunch of garlic as well as some of VWaV's Balsamic Glazed Portabello Mushrooms (wow! we really loved these, so simple and packed full of flavor!) Overall, a fantastic meal both the first night and then another, sans the 'shrooms (we devoured those) and with some sauteed spinach instead.


laura k said...

I love roasting anything and everything... yum.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful dish! i love your plate & plating, too :)